English to Welsh Meaning :: end

End :
ddiwedd, diwedd, ben, pen, mhen, terfyn, derfyn, derfynau, diweddau, ddiweddau, hanner, nherfyn, niwedd, niweddau, pen draw, phen, terfynau, therfyn, therfynau, nherfynaugorffen, orffen, cloech, cloer, clô, cloaf, cloai, cloais, cloaist, cloant, clôch, clodd, cloien, cloed, cloem, cloent, cloeoch, cloeon, cloet, cloeswn, cloiest, cloesech, cloesem, cloesent, cloesid, cloesit, cloesoch, cloesom, cloid, cloesant, clof, cloi, cloï, cloia, cloia’, cloian, clôm, chloesech, derfynon, cloych, clowyf, clowyd, clown, clowch, clônt, chloesant, cloiwn, cloiwch, cloist, clois, cloir, cloiodd, chloir, cloesai, chloesai, chloeoch, chloent, chloem, chloed, cly, chlodd, chlôch, chloant, chloaist, chloais, chloai, chloaf, chlô, chloech, chloi, chloï, chloesent, chloesid, chloesit, chloesoch, chloesom, chloeswn, chloet, derfynaf, derfynai, chloia, chloia’, chloian, chloid, chloien, chloies, chloiest, derfyna’, derfyna, chly, chloych, chlowyf, chlowyd, chloiodd, chlowch, chlônt, chlôm, chloiwn, chloiwch, chloist, chlois, dibenni, derfynasent, derfynom, chloesem, derfynech, derfynaswn, derfynasom, derfynasoch, derfynasit, derfynasid, derfynodd, derfynasem, derfynasech, derfynasant, derfynasai, derfynant, derfynan, derfynaist, derfynais, derfynoch, derfyno, derfynith, derfynir, derfyniff, derfyned, derfyni, derfynet, derfynest, derfynes, derfyner, derfynent, derfynen, derfynem, derfynid, dibenasech, dibennest, dibennet, dibenasom, dibenasoch, dibenasit, dibenasid, dibenasent, dibenasem, dibennes, dibenasant, dibenasai, derfynych, derfynwyf, derfynwyd, derfynwn, derfynwch, dibennan, ddibenasom, dibennech, dibenna, dibenna’, dibennaf, dibennai, dibennais, dibennaist, derfynont, dibennant, dibenaswn, dibenned, dibennem, dibennen, dibennent, dibenner, dibennom, diweddasoch, clo, dibennwyf, dibennwyd, dibennwn, dibennwch, dibennont, dibennon, diweddasit, dibennodd, dibennoch, dibenno, dibennith, dibennir, dibenniff, dibennid, ddibenaswn, diweddasid, diweddasent, diweddasem, diweddasech, diweddasant, dibennych, diweddant, diweddan, diweddaist, diweddais, diweddai, diweddaf, diwedda’, diwedda, diweddasai, diwedder, ddibenasit, diweddest, diweddaswn, diweddech, diwedded, diweddem, diwedden, diweddent, ddibenasid, diweddes, ddibenasoch, diweddet, diweddi, diweddid, diweddiff, diweddir, diweddith, ddibenasent, ddibenasem, ddibenasech, ddibenasant, ddibenasai, diweddoch, diweddwyf, diweddwyd, diweddwn, diweddwch, diweddont, diweddon, diweddom, diweddodd, diweddych, ddibennant, ddibennwch, ddibennwn, diweddasom, ddibennent, ddibennen, ddibennem, ddibenned, ddibennech, ddibennont, ddibennan, ddibennaist, ddibennais, ddibennai, ddibennaf, ddibenna’, ddibenna, cloies, ddibennon, ddibennom, ddibennodd, ddibennoch, ddibenner, ddibennith, ddibennir, ddibenniff, ddibennid, ddibenni, ddibennet, ddibennest, ddibennes, ddibenno, diweddo, ddiweddith, ddibennwyf, ddibennych, ddiwedda, ddiwedda’, ddiweddaf, ddiweddai, ddiweddais, ddiweddaist, ddiweddan, ddiweddant, ddiweddasai, ddiweddasant, ddiweddasech, ddiweddasem, ddiweddasent, ddiweddasid, ddiweddasit, ddiweddasoch, ddiweddasom, ddiweddaswn, ddiweddech, ddiwedded, ddiweddem, ddiwedden, ddiweddent, gloesai, ddiweddes, ddiweddest, ddiweddet, ddiweddi, ddiweddid, ddiweddiff, ddiweddir, ddiweddwn, gorffennwyd, gloais, gloai, gloaf, glô, ddiweddych, ddiweddwyf, ddiweddwyd, gloesoch, ddiweddwch, ddiweddont, ddiweddon, ddiweddom, ddiweddodd, ddiweddoch, ddiweddo, ddiwedder, gloesit, gloesid, gloesent, gloesem, gloesech, gloesant, gloaist, gloeoch, gloent, gloem, gloed, gloech, glodd, glôch, gloant, gloid, gorffenasoch, gloist, glois, gloir, gloiodd, gloiest, gloies, gloien, gorffenasid, gloian, gloia’, gloia, gloï, gloi, gloet, gloeswn, gorffennith, gorffenasent, gorffenasem, gorffenasech, gorffenasant, gorffenasai, gloiwch, gloych, glowyf, glowyd, glown, glowch, glônt, glôm, gloiwn, gly, gorffennais, gorffenasit, gorffennen, gorffennem, gorffenned, gorffennech, gorffennant, gorffennan, gorffennaist, gorffennwch, gorffennai, gorffennaf, gorffenna’, gorffenna, gorffenaswn, gorffenasom, gloesom, therfynaf, gorffennont, gorffennon, gorffennom, gorffennodd, gorffennoch, gorffenno, gorffennent, gorffennir, gorffenniff, gorffennid, gorffenni, gorffennet, gorffennest, gorffennes, gorffenner, orffenasent, orffenniff, orffenna’, orffenna, orffenaswn, orffenasom, orffenasoch, orffenasit, orffenasid, orffennid, orffenasem, orffenasech, orffenasant, orffenasai, gorffennych, gorffennwyf, ddibennwyd, orffennem, orffennen, orffennai, orffennais, orffennaist, orffennan, orffennant, orffennech, orffenned, terfynasem, orffennaf, orffennent, orffenner, orffennes, orffennest, orffennet, orffenni, orffennont, gorffennwn, terfyna’, terfyna, orffennych, orffennwyf, orffennwyd, orffennwn, orffennwch, terfynech, orffennon, orffennom, orffennodd, orffennoch, orffenno, orffennith, orffennir, therfynasem, terfynaswn, terfynasom, terfynasoch, terfynasit, terfynasid, terfynasent, terfynaf, terfynasech, terfynasant, terfynasai, terfynant, terfynan, terfynaist, terfynais, terfynai, terfyni, terfynid, terfynem, terfynen, terfynent, terfyner, terfynes, terfynest, terfynet, therfynasant, therfynasech, terfyniff, terfynir, terfynith, terfyno, terfynoch, terfynodd, terfynom, therfynasai, therfynant, therfynan, therfynaist, therfynais, therfynai, terfynon, therfyna’, therfyna, terfynych, terfynwyf, terfynwyd, terfynwn, terfynwch, terfynont, therfyned, therfynych, terfyned, therfynest, therfynes, therfyner, therfynent, therfynen, therfynem, therfynwyf, therfynech, therfynaswn, therfynasom, therfynasoch, therfynasit, therfynasid, therfynasent, chlown, therfynwyd, therfynwn, therfynwch, therfynont, therfynon, therfynet, therfynodd, therfynoch, therfyno, therfynith, therfynir, therfyniff, therfynid, therfyni, therfynomgorffen, cloi, derfynu, dibennu, diweddu, ddibennu, ddiweddu, nghloi, ngorffen, nherfynu, nibennu, niweddu, terfynu, therfynu
diwedda ddaeth i benyn dod i benterfyniadauyn dod i ben
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Noun(1) either extremity of something that has length(2) the point in time at which something ends(3) the final stage or concluding parts of an event or occurrence(4) the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved(5) a final part or section(6) a final state(7) the surface at either extremity of a three-dimensional object(8) (football(9) a boundary marking the extremities of something(10) one of two places from which people are communicating to each other(11) the part you are expected to play(12) the last section of a communication(13) a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold(14) (American football
Verb(1) have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical(2) bring to an end or halt(3) be the end of; be the last or concluding part of(4) put an end to

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(1) the church at the end of the road(2) At the end of the journey he wished to express his appreciation for the favour by treating me to a drink in a bar.(3) We made a list and set a goal of playing at least one club on the list by summer's end .(4) We got the early goal, scored right at the end of the first half and got another within seconds of them getting their goal.(5) Final financial approval is expected by the end of June.(6) the party called for an end to violence(7) So how does the low end of the performance scale do here?(8) Mario led the race from beginning to end(9) The axle of the truck is a rod the goes from one end of the hangar to the other and sticks out on both sides.(10) They have put signs up at each end stating there have been eighteen deaths in two years.(11) things went well at my end(12) the end of the year(13) down at the end of the road(14) Take your nail and place it so that the pointed end rests against the top of the block of wood.(15) And its not just those at the lower end of the economic scale who are feeling the pinch.(16) The deal signalled the end for group founder MacKenzie, who has since made his exit.
Related Words
(1) in the end ::
yn y diwedd
(2) the end ::
y diwedd
(3) at the end ::
Yn y diwedd
(4) front end ::
Pen blaen
(5) dead end ::
diwedd marw
(6) till the end ::
tan y diwedd
(7) to end ::
i ben
(8) to this end ::
i'r perwyl hwn
(9) happy end ::
pen yn hapus
(10) end user ::
defnyddiwr terfynol
1. extremity ::
2. conclusion ::
3. aim ::
4. aspect ::
5. death ::
6. ending ::
yn dod i ben
7. goal ::
8. last ::
9. destruction ::
10. remainder ::
11. terminal ::
12. finish with ::
gorffen gyda
13. break off ::
torri i ffwrdd
14. terminate ::
15. finish ::
1. continuance ::
Different Forms
end, ended, ending, endings, ends
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

I imagine it was
a sad joke at the end.

I imagine it was a sad joke at the END.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7

♪ Jump off the end ♪

♪ Jump off the END

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10

I can end it. I will end it,

I can END it. I will END it,

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7

She\'ll be the end of you.

She'll be the END of you.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3

Were you with him at the end?

Were you with him at the END?

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6

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