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meistrolgar, haughty, ormesol, drahaus, falch, cheeky, elated, chwyddedig, ffroenuchel, aruchel, perky, cocky, gan dybio, rhodresgar, pigog

Haughty    :haughty


Haughty - haughty

Haughtily :: haughtily



1. proud :: falch

2. arrogant :: drahaus

3. vain :: ofer

4. conceited :: conceited

5. snobbish :: snobbish

6. superior :: uwchraddol

7. self-important :: hunan-bwysig

8. pompous :: pompous

9. supercilious :: supercilious

10. condescending :: nawddoglyd

11. patronizing ::

12. scornful :: gwatwarus

13. contemptuous :: ddirmygus

14. disdainful :: ffroenuchel

15. full of oneself :: llawn o hunan

16. above oneself :: uchod eich hun

17. stuck-up :: ffroenuchel

18. snooty :: ffroenuchel

19. hoity-toity :: hoity-toity

20. uppity :: uppity

21. uppish :: uppish

22. big-headed :: mawr-dan y pennawd

23. high and mighty ::

24. la-di-da :: la-di-da


1. humble :: ostyngedig

2. lowly :: lowly

3. modest :: cymedrol

Different forms

haughtily, haughty

English to Welsh Dictionary: haughty
Meaning and definitions of haughty, translation in Welsh language for haughty with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of haughty in Welsh and in English language.

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What haughty means in Welsh, haughty meaning in Welsh, haughty definition, examples and pronunciation of haughty in Welsh language.

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