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rhagfynegi, proffwydo, rhagolwg, taradr, portend, argoeli'n, presage

Portend    :portend


Portend - portend

Portended :: portended

Portending :: portending

Portends :: portends



1. presage :: presage

2. augur :: taradr

3. foreshadow :: foreshadow

4. foretell :: rhagfynegi

5. prophesy :: proffwydo

6. be a sign :: fod yn arwydd

7. warn :: rhybuddio

8. be an omen :: fod yn omen

9. indicate :: dangos

10. herald :: herald

11. signal :: signal

12. bode :: argoeli'n

13. promise :: addewid

14. threaten :: bygwth

15. signify :: arwydd

16. spell :: sillafu

17. denote :: ddynodi

18. betoken :: betoken

19. foretoken :: foretoken

20. forebode :: forebode

Different forms

portend, portended, portending, portends

English to Welsh Dictionary: portend
Meaning and definitions of portend, translation in Welsh language for portend with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of portend in Welsh and in English language.

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What portend means in Welsh, portend meaning in Welsh, portend definition, examples and pronunciation of portend in Welsh language.

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