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deall, dallt, dirnad, ddallt, ddirnad, gweld, gweled, ngweld, ngweled, nallt, neall, nirnad, welddeall, ddeall, deallasem, deallem, dealla, dealla’, deallaf, deallai, deallais, deallaist, deallan, deallant, deallasai, deallasant, deallasech, deellwch, deallasent, deallasid, deallasit, deallasoch, deallasom, deallaswn, deallech, dealled, deallon, deallom, ddealled, dealler, dealles, deallest, deallet, dealli, dealliff, deallith, deallo, dealloch, deallodd, deellir, deallent, deallont, deallwch, deallwn, deallwyd, deallwyf, deellais, deellaist, deelli, deellid, ddeallasai, ddeelli, ddeallasant, deellych, ddealla, ddealla’, ddeallaf, ddeallai, ddeallais, ddeallaist, ddeallan, ddeallant, ddeellaist, ddeellir, ddeallasech, ddeallasem, ddeallasent, ddeallasid, ddeallasit, ddeallasoch, ddeallasom, ddeallaswn, ddeallech, ddeallo, ddeallodd, ddeallen, ddeallent, ddealler, ddealles, ddeallest, ddeallet, ddealli, ddealliff, ddeallith, deallen, ddealloch, ddeallem, ddeallom, ddeallon, ddeallont, ddeallwch, ddeallwn, ddeallwyd, ddeallwyf, ddeellais, gweler, ddeellwch, ddeellych, gwêl, gwela’, gwelaf, gwelai, gwelais, gwelaist, gwelan, gwelant, gwelasai, gwelasech, gwelasem, gwelasent, gwelasid, gwelasit, gwelaswn, gwelech, gweled, gwelem, gwelen, gwelent, gwelodd, gweles, gwelwyd, gwelest, gwelet, gweli, gwelid, gweliff, gwelir, gwelith, gwelo, gweloch, welon, gwelom, gwelon, gwelont, gwelsant, gwelsoch, gwelsom, gwelson, gwelwch, gwelwn, gwelwyf, welasech, welasem, gwelych, wêl, wela’, welaf, welai, welais, welaist, welan, welant, welasai, welych, ddeellid, welasent, welasid, welasit, welaswn, welech, weled, welem, welen, welent, welom, welest, welet, weli, welid, weliff, welir, welith, welo, weloch, welodd, weler, weles, welont, welsant, welsoch, welsom, welson, welwch, welwn, welwyd, welwyf
Understand :
- deallddealladwydealltwriaethdeall

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Verb(1) know and comprehend the nature or meaning of(2) perceive (an idea or situation(3) make sense of a language(4) believe to be the case(5) be understanding of

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(1) I understand you're at art school(2) he didn't understand a word I said(3) Discovering how other languages work helps you understand your own better.(4) I knew you'd understand(5) They must take the initiative to understand indigenous languages and cultures.(6) I didn't understand a word of the German they were singing in, but that didn't seem to matter at all.(7) what do you understand by that term?(8) he couldn't understand why we burst out laughing(9) At the same time, the painting's title requires us to understand it as a view of New York.(10) She looked at me with no expression at all as if she didn't understand a word I'd said.(11) We understand that this constant credit information might become irritating for some users.(12) I understand that many of the resorts in the region have received cancellations.(13) Many believe his discovery will change the face of science and how scientists understand the very nature of reality.(14) I can't understand it!(15) she didn't really understand the situation(16) she wasn't married, I understand
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yn credu
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7. sympathize ::
8. get it ::
ei gael
1. miss ::
Different Forms
understand, understandable, understanding, understandings, understands
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