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Eerie - (iasol) :: The plot begins with a woman who witnesses a murder on a dark and eerie night

Residential - (breswyl) :: The police decided to proceed very cautiously as they were in a residential area and people were in all the houses around

Craft - (crefft) :: She handed it to Cary who gazed questioningly at the picture which vaguely resembled a landing space craft

Hang - (hongian) :: If you feel there will be no strikethrough or bleeding issues hang your new paper


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Restriction - (cyfyngiad) :: Often the speed restrictions in rural villages extend out into the countryside

Result - (canlyniad) :: There were dramatic increases in productivity as a result of this product

Retain - (cadw) :: But university administrators complain that the funding crunch is hobbling their efforts to recruit and retain the worlds best and brightest

Retire - (ymddeol) :: The game turned out to be his last professional outing as unnecessary injury problems forced yet another player to retire early

Retired - (wedi ymddeol) :: A great number of travelers are attracted by the beauty and charm of the Old City and the Snow Mountain keeping pouring and lingering on their primitive simplicity retiredness and quietness


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Plaque - (plac) :: This involves a thorough clean and polish of the teeth to remove the sticky plaque that can build up

Plaudit - (clod) ::

Plausibility - (hygrededd) ::

Plausible - (credadwy) :: In every case they are very plausible and gain the confidence of a trusting generation


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Decarbonize (decarbonize) :: Carbisol is a powerful solvent based decarboniser for the removal of carbon deposits from metallic engine components utilizing a cold bath technique

Pompon (pompon) ::

Verifiable (gwiriadwy) ::

Sedentary (eisteddog) :: Normally when one stood up from a sedentary position ones mind would be unequal in circulatory oxygen than the rest of the body

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