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Idiom - (idiom) :: The dance and the dancers idiom transcend time space and language

Paradox - (paradocs) :: Therefore in order to counter concerns raised by the discovery of the logical and settheoretic paradoxes a new approach was needed to justify modern mathematical methods

Breton - (Llydaweg) ::

Yoruba - (yoruba) ::


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Detailed - (manwl) :: The bedrock of Cheticamps craft industry is rug hooking delicate and very detailed work done mostly by women in their own homes

Determination - (penderfyniad) :: Did anyone mention a sharp declining malefemale ratio existing female infanticide and increased selective abortion of the female fetus through sex determination

Determine - (penderfynu) :: We need additional research to determine what remediation methods are most appropriate for which kinds of student impairment

Determined - (penderfynir) :: Now Union armies are massing in Eastern Tennessee in a determined effort to cut the South in two

Develop - (datblygu) :: As these countries develop an influx of global food retailers is likely to relegate peanuts to the role of a cash crop to produce ground nut oil


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Palliative - (lliniarol) :: The patients receiving radical treatment had a greater need for information about side effects than did those being treated palliatively

Pallid - (welw) :: Character designs are rather pallid and dull completely uninteresting in style or drawn without any particular flare

Palpable - (amlwg) :: Two postal workers here had just died apparently from inhaling anthrax spores and my US friends told me that the fear was palpable throughout the city

Panacea - (ateb pob problem) :: Some researchers contend that sympathetic nerve blocks are not the panacea they are made out to be


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Hydroponics (hydroponeg) :: In addition hydroponically grown maize showed proportions of Hunits even lower than garden mould

Enough (digon) :: Id had more than enough to eat

Vigilante (vigilante) :: Set in a world that saw actual costumed vigilantes appear in real life as opposed to the funny books we are treated to a view of the superhero as outcast

Mixed (cymysg) :: The local community council in what is a mixed residential district however is not as enamoured

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Adjective :: cartref, naïf, cartrefol, syml, heffeithio, noeth, , unplyg yr ydoedd, syth, plaen, diniwed
Meaning :: naïf, , ddiymhongar, onest, gonest, plentynnaidd, naïfrwydd, hygoelus, unplyg yr ydoedd, dilys, go iawn
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