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3. laboratory (labordy) :: True some laboratory rats developed tumours after being fed relatively large amounts daily for two years
4. labour (llafur) :: The company is planning to sell or lease the mine and operate it using casual labour and new technology
5. lack (diffyg) :: due to lack of space
8. lake (llyn) :: A lone tree sat dejectedly atop a small hill overlooking a small lake that reflected the clouded sky above
10. land (tir) :: At times one could be forgiven for thinking that there would be no more land left to stake a mineral claim on
11. landscape (tirwedd) :: His goal was to create new categories to use the vocabulary of landscape and genre paintings for the most consecrated art
12. lane (lôn) :: Earlier a policeman told how he spotted a vehicle travelling at speed in the outside lane of the motorway on March 1 last year at 1015 am
13. language (iaith) :: It is very challenging for us to investigate and try to find the right theatrical language to express this play as far as we can
14. large (mawr) :: Preterm infants get cold quickly because of their relatively large surface area
15. largely (i raddau helaeth) :: Efforts to introduce it to other parts of the world have been largely unsuccessful
16. last (ddiwethaf) :: to make sth last
17. last (ddiwethaf) :: to make sth last
18. last (ddiwethaf) :: to make sth last
19. last (ddiwethaf) :: to make sth last
20. late (hwyr) :: A calm morning as if the gods partied late last night and they are still sleeping fitfully

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