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1. obey (ufuddhau) :: My kids will one day set up their own household and I hope they will always love me but they are certainly not going to always obey me
2. object (gwrthrych) :: The object and purpose of the Foreshore and Seabed Bill were set out clearly in clause 2A and clause 3
3. objective (gwrthrychol) :: A 4500 payment in compensation is a big enough deterrent we believe to achieve our main objective of discouraging illegal filesharing
4. observation (arsylwi) :: His gift is the power of observation coupled with the unique ability to suffer and survive the better for it
5. observe (arsylwi) :: Also be sure to return on August 17 when we will observe the oneyear anniversary of Rachels murder
6. obtain (cael) :: Consent was also obtained from parents and students
7. obvious (amlwg) :: Okay so there was the closet but that was a bit too obvious
8. obviously (yn amlwg) :: they were obviously happy with the meal
9. occasion (achlysur) :: Each situation is different and must be assessed individually when the occasion arises
10. occasionally (o bryd i'w gilydd) :: very occasionally the condition can result in death
12. occupy (meddiannu) :: The 2833 lakes in Lithuania occupy about 15 percent of the surface area of the nation
13. occur (yn digwydd) :: Several shortterm wins occurred as a result of the formation of the College Connection
14. ocean (cefnfor) :: Lazarus looked out and could see a huge vast ocean in front of him
17. odd (rhyfedd) :: If the number in the second column is odd divide it by two and drop the remainder
18. oddly (rhyfedd) ::

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