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1. race (hil) :: At the moment the women are also ensconced in their Third Division and the race is on to see which squad can secure promotion first
2. racing (rasio) :: The track at millennium park provides the ideal opportunity for those interested in stepping into competitive racing
4. rail (rheilffyrdd) :: A rail on the ceiling went around the platform where a curtain could be pulled to hide the bed from view
5. railroad (Railroad) :: Speaking after the London meeting he denied he was trying to railroad families into accepting compensation rather than taking the lawsuit option
6. railway (rheilffordd) :: No remnants of these prairies survive except for linear strips along railways
7. rain (glaw) :: Most of them dont make past a few feet knocked off by a constant rain of debris but it is only a matter of time before some begin to reach the summit
8. raise (codi) :: It is one of my aims to try to raise the level of awareness of the charity in the area and to encourage recruitment
9. range (amrywiaeth) :: He does a superb job of showing off his vocal range as well as the softer side of his voice
10. rank (rheng) :: Even a complete dunce with absolutely no sense of social rank and cliques would know that a guy like Matt should never go to a party hosted by my sister
11. rapid (cyflym) :: The French death rate was falling but so too was its birth rate at an unusually rapid rate
12. rare (prin) :: It is the sort of place I might take my grandfather for a rare steak and a bottle of Chateau Neuf de Pape
13. rarely (anaml) :: I am rarely if ever moved to write letters in response to articles which appear in the press
14. rate (cyfradd) :: At present all nondomestic users pay a fixed rate for water irrespective of the quantity that they use
15. rather (yn hytrach) :: The last mile was a track and we had rather dawdled so reluctantly gave the pub a miss
16. raw (amrwd) :: The unit has the raw talent and experience to compete with anyone and appears to have the best chemistry of any grouping
17. reach (cyrraedd) :: youll be able to reach us at this number
18. react (ymateb) :: He is a player who gets a lot of challenges against him and he has to resist reacting against them and keep playing the game
19. reaction (adwaith) :: But were now seeing a reaction against mass production in the renaissance of organic farming and farmers markets
20. read (darllen) :: For a book of the life of a man for who not a lot happened it is a compelling read

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