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3. Facetious (gwamalu) :: You can take a sarcastic and facetious post like the last one and turn it into an interesting discussion about the place of sport in our culture
6. Fallacy (camsyniad) :: Beardsley thought this theory correct and used it to argue that the intentional fallacy is indeed a fallacy
7. Fallible (ffaeledig) :: Dr Martin Luther King Jr was also at times as fallible as the next human
8. Fallow (braenar) :: In many cases fertility can be restored using crop rotation and fallow practices
9. Falter (betruso) :: She was concentrating on how many ways there were for him not to be on this road that she didnt notice that the traffic was so heavy the cars were going much slower then she was even if she was breathing heavily her steps faltering
14. Fatuous (ynfyd) :: The fact that we dont find such documents puts the lie to such glib and fatuous justifications for immorality
15. Fawn (elain) :: I am what you call one of those extremely handsome young men that girls fawn over
16. Feasible (ymarferol) :: It would be a feasible solution that could be enacted with a handful of live shows
17. Feckless (glem) :: The major common factor with people who make resolutions is that the vast majority break them within hours or days of making them yet will fecklessly resolve again in similar fashion the same time next year

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