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2. Nascent (eginol) :: These were years of nascent economic infrastructural and political modernization
3. Natty (Natty) :: I change it for one of my natty stripey ties Stylish
4. Navigable (fordwyadwy) :: The River Lea has been an important navigable waterway into London for over 500 years and during the 18th century the navigation was much improved with new cuts and locks
5. Nebulous (niwlog) :: Yet dark energy is a nebulous concept one that has thus far flummoxed some of the smartest researchers on the planet
6. Nefarious (ysgeler) :: Also I was told that wizards keep ghosts for their nefarious activities
7. Negate (negyddu) :: I dont mean to take this into a blame the victim argument but clearly the youth is a product of its environment and so we cant negate the effect of their upbringing
8. Negligence (esgeulustod) :: Employers must be held responsible for negligence over worker safety and be punished accordingly
11. Nettle (danadl poethion) :: Perhaps it nettled me so much because it was so close to the truth
12. Nexus (cysylltiad) :: And here one of the things that we really focus on is sort of the nexus of the past and the present and how the past has come back basically to destroy the present because of what happened then
14. Noisome (echryslon) :: Yes water would allow people to wash their hands and flush much of this noisomeness away
15. Nomadic (crwydrol) ::
20. Nostalgia (hiraeth) :: In electoral politics you either sell a promise for the future or nostalgia for the past

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