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91. Active (weithgar) :: It was indeed a confluence of active minds from various schools in Madurai district
92. Assonance (cyseinedd) :: The beauty of this one is that its a little rhyming verse or at least nicely assonant
93. Asterisk (seren) :: Everything should have asterisks and footnotes
94. English (Saesneg) ::
95. French (Ffrangeg) ::
96. Hyperbole (gormodiaith) :: Hes using exaggeration and hyperbole to be entertaining lots of writers do that
97. Master (meistr) :: Higher education is defined as involving programs that award bachelors master s or doctorate degrees
98. Modal (foddol) :: All of these womens raps illustrate that they can do what they are doing and by this I intend for both readings of the modal can to be in effect
99. Nasal (trwynol) :: Upshot was one nasal spray two weeks off nursery school constant noseblowing and operations may not be as essential to future happiness as was previously thought
100. Perfect (perffaith) :: In the minds ear one has an ideal of the perfect performance of a piece
101. Pluperfect (gorberffaith) :: The extent to which this grammatical form suggests a pluperfect is disputed among Hebrew grammarians
102. Plural (lluosog) :: Lice is the plural form of louse
103. Sanskrit (Sansgrit) ::
104. Sarcasm (coegni) :: A mere two months ago every Friday was a virtual smorgasbord of sarcasm for me
105. Simile (cymhariaeth) :: It is told in the high formal style filled with rhetorical speeches invocations elaborate similes and long catalogues of names places and armies
106. Stammer (atal dweud) :: Frequent headaches may be independent but because they make you tense and you have a tendency to stammer you probably do so during a headache
107. Truism (wireb) :: What I resolutely oppose is an unreflected resentment that offers no prospect for creativity or initiative and contents itself with truistic descriptions of a necessarily inconsistent world

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