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:: Westerhof who will manage the development said plans are at an advanced stage:: She had helped slow learners schizophrenic adults people who were visually and aurally impaired and children with autism and cerebral palsy:: :: You can bet it will be faultlessly performed as well:: His playing has a wonderful fluency and easy style the phrasing seems utterly instinctive and theres not a moment when he seems to be making expressive effects for their own sake:: Im no great artist but I do have a good eye for faces and an easy fluent line with the pencil:: These disconcerting interjections of human speech into an otherwise depopulated realm help illuminate an ambiguous statement about technology in Omits work:: Lung burdens of asbestos in these cases are intermediate between asbestosis and pleural plaques:: Therefore in order to counter concerns raised by the discovery of the logical and settheoretic paradoxes a new approach was needed to justify modern mathematical methods:: Several researchers have concluded that directed instruction in various aspects of phonological processing and phonemic awareness in particular may be necessary to prevent early reading failure in some children:: Modern phoneticians would more precisely categorize such consonants into velar uvular pharyngeal and glottal articulations:: It was just that no one was willing to replace a pithy phrase with either an ugly acronym or a yawninducing mouthful:: Note by the way that there is nothing necessarily illogical about using singular pronouns in such cases:: Correct pronunciation and proper use of words will enhance language skills:: The booming roll of thunder shattered the tranquility of the forest:: Their neutral tone will balance the bright hues of the coolest polo shirts of the season and offset your trendy jeans
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