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:: The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds:: Still the police insisted that the driver take a breathalyser test:: It is also submitted that the term of five years was in any event subject to break clauses and was not for that reason a term of years certain:: :: While some home users hackers and hobbyists have switched to Linux or other Open Source software businesses seem to have been more cautious:: The number of workers required for a legal strike to go ahead is often too high:: Two years later the government introduced another measure legalizing civil marriage:: Phoning work to say that you cannot come in because of a migraine will no longer be a legitimate excuse:: The legal institution of marriage legitimises some relationships and denies others:: he whispered perverted obscenities:: If there is a crime committed and the police go in with a search warrant they just seize whatever is relevant:: Sometimes reinforcement of floors walls or ceilings may be needed as may be cladding of exposed surfaces and corners to prevent self injury:: She has been framed by the gangsters and is wanted for several armed robberies :: We can have no illusions that there can be a peaceful settlement or compromise with this gang:: He has concluded that there is no statutory prohibition against extradition:: the chorus is a steal from The Smiths London:: Judes new modern hair style again earned him the title Jude the Dude:: a descent into vagrancy and drug abuse:: The moon glows like a phosphrous on the vagrant waters:: The couple believe vandals deliberately dropped the heavy panel on to their car from a bridge:: Once the floor had caved in it was vandalistically shored up by rusty scaffold and girders by the Council
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