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1. Absentee (absennol) :: She received her usual score or more of cards from relatives and friends and there were the usual absentees their cards would arrive a day or two later
2. Bully (bwli) :: Im not sure who told them it was wise to stand up to the schoolyard bully but that same person may want to remind them that the bully is generally the bully because he can hit really really hard
3. Caretaker (gofalwr) :: Mercer became general manager of Coventry in 1972 and was caretaker manager of England for seven games
4. Chinese (Tseiniaidd) ::
5. Credit (credyd) :: None of it would earn you a college credit from a mathematics department
6. Dean (deon) :: What I believe that most New Zealanders feel is what the dean of Auckland cathedral wrote today that New Zealand retained its integrity as a nation
7. Expel (ddiarddel) :: Some 800000 people were expelled and several hundreds of thousands internally displaced
8. Final (Diwedd) :: But it must throw into doubt the ability of the tribunal to be a final arbitrator of disputes
9. Form (ffurflen) :: human form
10. Head (pen) :: The directors also revealed that the club is appointing top Australian coach Leo Epifania as head coach
11. Infirmary (clafdy) :: All were orthopaedic patients on ward 36 at the infirmary
12. Loan (benthyciad) :: If anyone wants to take out a loan borrow money or get something on hire purchase they have to agree to a credit check being done on them to make sure they are safe with other peoples money
13. Locker (loceri) :: I have met very few people though who went to public high school with normal cars and lockers and described their normal experience as ideal
14. Place (lle) :: he got a place on the bench
15. Pupil (disgybl) :: I met a past pupil this morning
16. Reception (derbynfa) :: However his arrival on Capitol Hill is likely to elicit a lukewarm reception
17. Recess (toriad) :: As you know Congress is about to recess for the Thanksgiving break
18. Retake (ailsefyll) :: Dawn had to retake her driving test
19. Review (adolygiad) :: The majority of articles in this review acknowledged individual andor systemic racism
20. Revise (adolygu) :: It was a favourite place for students to revise for examinations
21. Revision (adolygu) :: Winston Churchills reputation has proved remarkably resilient to revision
22. Stream (nant) :: I spat out a stream of the clear liquid quickly before tumbling out of the bathtub face first as I surfaced
23. Syllabus (maes llafur) :: A recent article develops the case for more sophisticated course syllabi
24. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third
25. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third
26. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third
27. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third
28. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third
29. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third
30. Third (trydydd) :: shes coming on the third

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