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1. Ardour (ardor) :: The playing encompassed subtlety ardor menace and rage all with an admirable polish
2. Bier (elor) :: My beloved Elisabeta lay on the same bier where she had wept for me only four nights prior
3. Child (plentyn) :: shed been playing tennis since she was a child
4. Childbearing (cael plant) :: In a community in which early marriage and childbearing are traditional failure to achieve teenage pregnancy may be regarded a serious problem
5. Childbirth (genedigaeth) :: Approaching childbirth from the angle of pain and surgery is innovative
6. Childcare (gofal plant) :: Many agree that the government needs to invest more in parental leave and quality childcare
7. Childhood (plentyndod) :: In order to make this persona more convincing a disturbed childhood had to be invented
8. Childish (plentynnaidd) :: She says she can be very childish and very silly but fails to give me any examples
9. Coffin (arch) :: Rescuers used ropes to pull out the bodies which were later washed wrapped in plastic sheets and buried in wooden coffins
10. Cremate (amlosgi) :: Well I have always talked about my body being cremated and then having the ashes dispersed on a park or a garden
11. Dead (marw) :: Many people do believe that the spirits of the dead talk to the living
12. Hospitable (groesawgar) :: Besides the hospitable corporate environment found in South Dakota the state offers a big backyard for play
13. Hospitality (lletygarwch) :: The fundamental test of justice is one of hospitality to the stranger
14. Infantile (babanaidd) :: He was infantile narcissistic driven unreasonable and at times brilliantly irrational
15. Midlife (canol oed) :: Its all the more poignant and meaningful to me because we were in midlife I was 43 when I met him and he was 50
16. Midwife (bydwraig) :: There are health clinics staffed by nurse midwives in rural areas
17. Placenta (brych) :: Folic acid also is crucial to support the rapid growth of the placenta and fetus
18. Rebellious (gwrthryfelgar) :: He ran a hand over his blonde hair grimacing slightly at the rebellious strands that refused his taming attempts
19. Retire (ymddeol) :: The game turned out to be his last professional outing as unnecessary injury problems forced yet another player to retire early
20. Retirement (ymddeol) :: The former Indian seam bowler Venkatesh Prasad has announced his retirement from cricket
21. Smitten (drawsent) ::
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