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1. Arise (codi) :: The biggest problems arose in cases where people were building their homes by direct labour
2. Armament (arfau) :: The likelihood of violence increases as one moves toward the armament of both of the coalitions and thus the militarization of the conflict
3. Armistice (cadoediad) :: Exactly 85 years ago the armistice was signed ending at the end of the Great War the bloodiest conflict in history
4. Conspire (cynllwynio) :: Before he died he believed that his doctors had conspired against him
5. Dragoon (Dragŵn) :: One of these dragoons is John Loveday the trumpetmajor the gentle unassuming son of the miller
6. General (cyffredinol) :: The general routine now is that we will have a drink when we arrive and then start to prepare the trays for dinner setting them with cutlery
7. Grenade (grenâd) :: Their unit was ambushed with bombs grenades and petrol bombs but the soldiers managed to escape their vehicle before it burned out
8. Hostage (gwystl) :: The three hostages were rescued although one is in serious condition in hospital
9. Hostility (gelyniaeth) :: Both however had long since exchanged hustle and hostility for control and variation
10. Infantryman (traed) :: My MPs thought of themselves as infantrymen first military police second
11. Infiltrate (ymdreiddio) :: This is why I sometimes think we should infiltrate the Countryside Alliance wed get more cameras pointed at us then
12. Landmine (ffrwydryn tir) :: Those that do not explode lie on the ground like landmines waiting for people to step on them
13. March (mawrth) :: Hundreds of victims of Britains Abomb tests are to march on Parliament today in what they say is their best chance ever to secure compensation
14. Movement (symudiad) :: the movement towards greater sexual equality
15. Nuclear (niwclear) :: Well look at whether this country is doing enough and spending enough to prepare for a nuclear attack
16. Peace (heddwch) :: Neither party will trust the other to implement any peace agreement on its own
17. Peacekeeping (cadw heddwch) :: The United Nations has put peacekeepers here to maintain security but now the UN is on its way out
18. Peacemaker (heddychwr) :: Our position has been applauded by the United Nations as a step towards nonproliferation and peacemaking
19. Peacetime (cyfnod o heddwch) :: in peacetime regiments were billeted upon towns and villages
20. Seaman (morwr) :: The national seamen s union planned a strike for June 1911 to force the bosses to recognise the union
21. Shoot (saethu) :: Players will speed through tracks that twist turn loop corkscrew shoot upward drop off dead end and more
22. Strike (streic) :: His beat ranged as far as Broken Hill where he was the unions man on the spot when railway workers went on strike for the first time since the great strike of 1917
23. Sword (cleddyf) :: All of these iris have swordlike leaves that fan out that can be plain green or variegated

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