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daflu, taflu, thaflu, nhafluthaflwch, daflasant, daflasom, dafla’, daflaf, daflai, daflais, daflaist, daflan, daflant, daflasai, daflwn, daflasech, daflasem, daflasent, daflasid, daflasit, daflasoch, daflaswn, daflech, dafled, daflem, daflent, dafler, dafles, daflest, daflet, dafli, daflwch, daflith, daflo, dafloch, daflodd, daflom, daflon, daflont, deflwch, deflych, daflwyd, daflwyf, deflais, deflaist, defli, deflid, deflir, tafler, dafla, deifl, tafla, tafla’, taflaf, taflai, taflais, taflaist, taflasit, taflasoch, taflant, taflasai, taflasant, taflasech, taflasem, taflasent, taflasid, dafliff, taflan, taflasom, taflaswn, taflech, tafled, taflem, taflen, taflent, tafloch, thaflasech, taflom, taflest, taflet, tafli, tafliff, taflith, taflo, thaflasant, taflodd, thaflasent, taflon, taflont, taflwch, taflwn, taflwyd, taflwyf, thafla’, thaflaf, tefli, teflid, teflir, teflwch, teflych, teifl, thafla, teflais, teflaist, thaflai, thaflais, thaflaist, thaflan, thaflant, thaflasai, thaflech, theifl, thaflem, tafles, thaflasid, thaflasit, thaflasoch, thaflasom, thaflaswn, theflych, thafled, thaflasem, thaflent, thafler, thafles, thaflest, thaflet, thafli, thaflwyd, thaflwyf, thaflo, thafloch, thaflodd, thaflom, thaflon, thaflont, thaflwn, thafliff, thaflith, theflais, theflaist, thefli, theflid, theflir, theflwch
Discard :
- tafludafludafludaflu

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Noun(1) anything that is cast aside or discarded(2) (cards(3) getting rid something that is regarded as useless or undesirable
Verb(1) throw or cast away

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(1) Whether it was her intent to consume the salad or discard it in the trash was not established.(2) If you drew just the top card of the discard pile you must discard a different card.(3) West led a heart and East was able to discard his club loser(4) Leave overnight to drip through, then remove the jelly bag, discard the contents and leave to soak in cold water while you finish the jelly.(5) I wish they would discard their cigarettes properly instead of just dropping them on the ground.(6) The local Council is trying to clamp down on people who discard litter around towns and in the countryside.(7) When they stop being useful, we must be prepared to discard them.(8) If you find damage, cut off, bag, and discard infested leaves.(9) Earlier this year, the council proposed to hit people who discard gum on the city streets with Ôö¼├║50 on-the-spot fines.(10) The next time you go out shopping, you can discard the plastic carry bag and arm yourself with a jute bag instead.(11) Rather than wait for bills to pile up, open the mail the day it comes, and shred or discard junk mail immediately.(12) A player who cannot follow suit is free to trump the trick or discard an unwanted card.(13) Only a minority of people will discard bags full with rubbish in the Lane, but that minority is still numerically big enough to cause environmental havoc.(14) I agree that some people will always just discard their empties wherever they happen to be, but the provision of more bins must be a step in the right direction.(15) With the growth of the fast-food industry in the past three decades, it has become even more difficult to estimate the waste portion or discard of deep-frying fats.(16) If this week's insights aren't useful, discard them.
Related Words
(1) to discard ::
i chi ei daflu
1. throwing away ::
taflu i ffwrdd
2. dispose of ::
gwared ar
4. get rid of ::
cael gwared ar
5. toss out ::
toss allan
6. jettison ::
7. scrap ::
8. dispense with ::
10. throw on the scrapheap ::
taflu ar y domen
11. reject ::
12. repudiate ::
13. abandon ::
rhoi'r gorau
14. drop ::
15. have done with ::
wedi ei wneud gyda
16. shed ::
17. chuck ::
18. dump ::
19. ditch ::
20. junk ::
21. trash ::
22. deep-six ::
Different Forms
discard, discarded, discarding, discards
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