English to Welsh Meaning :: bow

Bow :
bwa, fwa, mwa, bwâu, fwâu, mwâuplygu, blygu, ymgrymu, moesymgrymu, bwa-nodi, crymu, chrymu, foesymgrymu, gostwng, grymu, nghrymu, ngostwng, hymostwng, mhlygu, mwa-nodi, phlygu, ymostwng, hymgrymublygasai, blygwyf, blygasant, blyga’, blygaf, blygai, blygais, blygaist, blygan, blygant, blygwyd, blygych, blygasech, blygasem, blygasent, blygasid, blygasit, blygasoch, blygasom, blyget, blygoch, blyged, blygem, blygen, blygent, blyger, blyges, blygest, blygaswn, blygo, blygech, blygodd, blygom, blygon, blygont, blygwch, blygwn, chrymet, bwa-nodasai, bwa-noda, bwa-noda’, bwa-nodaf, bwa-nodai, bwa-nodais, bwa-nodaist, bwa-nodan, bwa-nodant, bwa-nododd, bwa-nodasant, bwa-nodasech, bwa-nodasem, bwa-nodasent, bwa-nodasid, bwa-nodasit, bwa-nodasoch, bwa-nodasom, bwa-nodest, bwa-nodet, bwa-nodech, bwa-noded, bwa-nodem, bwa-noden, bwa-nodent, bwa-noder, bwa-nodes, chrymais, bwa-nodaswn, bwa-nodi, bwa-nodid, bwa-nodiff, bwa-nodir, bwa-nodith, bwa-nodo, bwa-nodoch, cryma, crymid, cryma’, bwa-nodon, bwa-nodont, bwa-nodwch, bwa-nodwn, bwa-nodwyd, bwa-nodwyf, bwa-nodych, crymi, crymiff, crymaf, crymai, crymais, crymaist, cryman, crymant, crymasai, crymech, crymem, crymasem, crymasent, crymasid, crymasit, crymasoch, crymasom, crymaswn, crymasant, crymed, crymasech, crymen, cryment, crymer, crymes, crymest, crymet, crymont, chrymest, crymwch, crymir, crymith, crymo, crymoch, crymodd, crymom, crymon, chrymes, bwa-nodom, crymwn, crymwyd, crymwyf, crymych, chryma, chryma’, chrymai, chrymasit, chrymasom, chrymant, chrymasai, chrymasant, chrymasech, chrymasem, chrymasent, chrymasid, fwa-nodwyf, chrymasoch, chrymaist, chrymaswn, chrymech, chrymem, chrymen, chryment, chrymer, chrymodd, foesymgrymed, chrymom, chrymi, chrymid, chrymiff, chrymir, chrymith, chrymo, chrymoch, foesymgrymech, foesymgrymem, chrymon, chrymont, chrymwch, chrymwn, chrymwyd, chrymwyf, chrymych, foesymgrymasant, foesymgrymasem, foesymgrymaf, foesymgrymai, foesymgrymais, foesymgrymaist, foesymgryman, foesymgrymant, foesymgrymasai, foesymgryma, foesymgrymasech, foesymgryma’, foesymgrymasent, foesymgrymasid, foesymgrymasit, foesymgrymasoch, foesymgrymasom, foesymgrymaswn, blyga, foesymgrymiff, foesymgrymen, foesymgryment, foesymgrymer, foesymgrymes, foesymgrymest, foesymgrymet, foesymgrymi, foesymgrymid, fwa-nodasent, foesymgrymir, foesymgrymith, foesymgrymo, foesymgrymoch, foesymgrymodd, foesymgrymom, foesymgrymon, foesymgrymont, fwa-nodai, fwa-nodais, foesymgrymwn, foesymgrymwyd, foesymgrymwyf, foesymgrymych, fwa-noda, fwa-noda’, fwa-nodaf, gostynger, foesymgrymwch, fwa-nodaist, fwa-nodan, fwa-nodant, fwa-nodasai, fwa-nodasant, fwa-nodasech, fwa-nodasem, gostyngan, fwa-nodent, fwa-nodasit, fwa-nodasoch, fwa-nodasom, fwa-nodaswn, fwa-nodech, fwa-noded, fwa-nodem, fwa-noden, gostyngaist, fwa-noder, fwa-nodes, fwa-nodest, fwa-nodet, fwa-nodi, fwa-nodid, fwa-nodiff, fwa-nodir, fwa-nodwyd, fwa-nodo, fwa-nodoch, fwa-nododd, fwa-nodom, fwa-nodon, fwa-nodont, fwa-nodwch, fwa-nodwn, gostyngodd, fwa-nodith, fwa-nodych, gostwng, gostynga, gostynga’, gostyngaf, gostyngai, gostyngais, gostyngasit, gostyngasoch, gostyngant, gostyngasai, gostyngasant, gostyngasech, gostyngasem, gostyngasent, gostyngasid, gostyngych, fwa-nodasid, gostyngasom, gostyngaswn, gostyngech, gostynged, gostyngem, gostyngen, gostyngent, gostyngoch, gostyngest, gostynget, gostyngi, gostyngid, gostyngiff, gostyngir, gostyngith, gostyngo, phlygon, gostynges, gostyngom, gostyngon, gostyngont, gostyngwch, gostyngwn, gostyngwyd, gostyngwyf, grymasech, grymwn, grymasem, gryma’, grymai, grymais, grymaist, grymant, grymasai, grymasant, grymwch, grymwyd, grymasent, grymasid, grymasit, grymasoch, grymasom, grymaswn, grymech, grymiff, grymith, gryment, grymer, grymes, grymest, grymet, grymi, grymid, grymem, grymir, grymen, grymo, grymoch, grymodd, grymom, grymon, grymont, moesymgrymaist, moesymgrymoch, moesymgryman, grymwyf, grymych, moesymgryma, moesymgryma’, moesymgrymaf, moesymgrymai, moesymgrymais, moesymgrymo, plygem, moesymgrymant, moesymgrymasai, moesymgrymasant, moesymgrymasech, moesymgrymasem, moesymgrymasent, moesymgrymasid, moesymgrymer, moesymgrymest, moesymgrymasom, moesymgrymaswn, moesymgrymech, moesymgrymed, moesymgrymem, moesymgrymen, moesymgryment, plyga, moesymgrymes, moesymgrymasoch, moesymgrymet, moesymgrymi, moesymgrymid, moesymgrymiff, moesymgrymir, moesymgrymith, ostyngi, ostwng, moesymgrymom, moesymgrymon, moesymgrymont, moesymgrymwch, moesymgrymwn, moesymgrymwyd, moesymgrymwyf, moesymgrymych, ostynget, ostynga, ostynga’, ostyngaf, ostyngai, ostyngais, ostyngaist, ostyngan, ostyngant, ostyngaswn, ostyngasant, ostyngasech, ostyngasem, ostyngasent, ostyngasid, ostyngasit, ostyngasoch, ostyngasom, plygasem, ostyngasai, ostynged, ostyngem, ostyngen, ostyngent, ostynger, ostynges, ostyngest, ostyngom, ostyngon, ostyngid, ostyngiff, ostyngir, ostyngith, ostyngo, ostyngoch, ostyngodd, plyged, moesymgrymodd, ostyngont, ostyngwch, ostyngwn, ostyngwyd, ostyngwyf, ostyngych, plyg, plygasech, plygaf, plygai, plygais, plygaist, plygan, plygant, plygasai, plygasant, moesymgrymasit, plyga’, plygasent, plygasid, plygasit, plygasoch, plygasom, plygaswn, plygech, plygi, phlygasent, phlygasid, plygiff, plygen, plygent, plyger, plyges, plygest, plyget, phlygasem, plygid, phlygasit, plygir, plygith, plygo, plygoch, plygodd, plygom, phlygaf, ymostynger, phlygaist, plygwn, plygwyd, plygwyf, plygych, phlyga, phlyga’, plygon, phlygai, phlygais, plygwch, phlygan, phlygant, phlygasai, phlygasant, phlygasech, phlygent, ymgrymasem, phlyger, phlygasoch, phlygasom, phlygaswn, phlygech, phlyged, phlygem, phlygen, ymgrymasech, gryma, phlyges, phlygest, phlyget, phlygo, phlygoch, phlygodd, phlygom, ymgryma’, plygont, ymgrymai, phlygwch, phlygwn, phlygwyd, phlygwyf, phlygych, ymgryma, ymostyngent, ymgrymaf, phlygont, ymgrymais, ymgrymaist, ymgryman, ymgrymant, ymgrymasai, ymgrymasant, ymgrymem, ymostyngaist, ymgrymen, ymgrymasid, ymgrymasit, ymgrymasoch, ymgrymasom, ymgrymaswn, ymgrymech, ymgrymed, ymostyngais, ymostyngan, ymgryment, ymgrymer, ymgrymes, ymgrymest, ymgrymet, ymgrymi, ymgrymid, ymgrymwch, ymgrymwyd, ymgrymith, ymgrymo, ymgrymoch, ymgrymodd, ymgrymom, ymgrymon, ymgrymont, ymgrymiff, ymgrymwn, ymgrymir, ymgrymwyf, ymgrymych, ymostwng, ymostynga’, ymostyngaf, ymostyngai, ymostyngasid, ymostyngych, ymostyngasoch, ymostyngant, ymostyngasai, ymostyngasant, ymostyngasech, ymostyngasem, ymostyngasent, ymostyngwyf, ymostyngasit, ymgrymasent, ymostyngasom, ymostyngaswn, ymostyngech, ymostynged, ymostyngem, ymostyngen, ymostyngo, ymostyngodd, ymostyngest, ymostynget, ymostyngi, ymostyngid, ymostyngiff, ymostyngir, ymostyngith, ostyngech, ymostyngoch, ymostynges, ymostyngom, ymostyngon, ymostyngont, ymostyngwch, ymostyngwn, ymostyngwyd - bwabwabowedbowenbwabwâu
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Show English Meaning

Noun(1) a knot with two loops and loose ends; used to tie shoelaces(2) a slightly curved piece of resilient wood with taut horsehair strands; used in playing certain stringed instruments(3) front part of a vessel or aircraft(4) a weapon for shooting arrows, composed of a curved piece of resilient wood with a taut cord to propel the arrow(5) something curved in shape(6) bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting(7) an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience(8) a decorative interlacing of ribbons(9) a stroke with a curved piece of wood with taut horsehair strands that is used in playing stringed instruments
Verb(1) bend one's knee or body, or lower one's head(2) yield to another's wish or opinion(3) bend the head or the upper part of the body in a gesture of respect or greeting(4) bend one's back forward from the waist on down(5) play on a stringed instrument with a bow

Show Examples

(1) the man gave a little bow(2) He realizes that the misfortunes of life, like losing a job or a home, or disastrous illness, may bow him down but can never break him.(3) Next cut a length of narrow holiday ribbon to tie in a bow for the top of the package.(4) Before the Constitution all other laws and legislation bow .(5) Without the support of the bowsprit, the long spar that extends forward from the bow of the ship, there was no support for the masts.(6) I tied it in a bow around the stem of the flower, and gently stroked the soft fabric before letting my feet carry me downstairs again.(7) Steve stood at the bow of the ship, unprotected from the storm and hanging on for dear life as he pointed excitedly.(8) He said he's had fans bow down before him, and shrugged off the hardships of playing the physically demanding part.(9) Sir Robin, clean-cut and the soul of discretion, gives a brief head bow and addresses the Queen as ÔÇÿYour MajestyÔÇÖ.(10) She picked up her hunter's bow and the quiver of poison tipped arrows, and slung them around her shoulder.(11) Shears are usually six inches long or longer with one bow for the thumb and one elongated bow for two or more fingers.(12) She went into the woods with her bow and arrows and quickly found her prey.(13) Her shoulders are bare, and she has a big white bow in her hair.(14) They bent down on one knee in a bow before their king.(15) The song ended and I took a quick, self-conscious bow .(16) And we often set them swaying back and forth with an accidental whack of a violin bow .
Related Words
(1) take a bow ::
cymryd bwa
(2) bow tie ::
bow tei
(3) bow down ::
plygu lawr
(4) bow and arrow ::
bwa a saeth
(5) bow out ::
bwa allan
(6) violin bow ::
bwa ffidil
(7) bow window ::
bwa ffenestr
(8) bow thruster ::
bwa thruster
(9) bow-legged ::
1. obeisance ::
2. prow ::
hawliau tramwy cyhoeddus
3. loop ::
4. arc ::
5. longbow ::
bwa hir
6. bowknot ::
7. curtain call ::
galwad llen
8. fore ::
9. bowing ::
10. incline the body ::
inclein y corff
11. yield to ::
ildio i
12. bend ::
13. bow down ::
plygu lawr
14. give in ::
rhoi mewn
Different Forms
bow, bowed, bowen, bowing, bows
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

No more Starks to bow and scrape to.

No more Starks to BOW and scrape to.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 10


"For one day, all the beasts will BOW to you.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 9

I bow to the wisdom of Your High Holiness.

I BOW to the wisdom of Your High Holiness.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 10

And we said we\'d never bow
to anyone else again.

And we said we'd never BOW to anyone else again.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2

Did you just bow?

Did you just BOW?

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2

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