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wastraffu, castaway, pechadurus, annuwiol, outcast, o'r neilltu
castaway, pariah, outcast

Castaway    :castaway


Castaway - castaway

Castaways :: Castaways


Related Words

1. cast away :: fwrw ymaith


1. shipwrecked ::

2. wrecked ::

3. stranded :: sownd

4. aground :: ar lawr


5. pariah :: pariah

6. outcast :: outcast


7. chuck out :: taflu allan

8. put away :: bwriwch ymaith

9. toss :: taflu

10. dispose :: cael gwared

11. throw away :: taflu

12. discard :: taflu

13. cast out :: bwrw allan

14. fling :: fling

15. toss out :: toss allan

16. throw out ::

17. cast aside :: bwrw o'r neilltu

18. toss away :: toss i ffwrdd

Different forms

castaway, castaways

English to Welsh Dictionary: castaway
Meaning and definitions of castaway, translation in Welsh language for castaway with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of castaway in Welsh and in English language.

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What castaway means in Welsh, castaway meaning in Welsh, castaway definition, examples and pronunciation of castaway in Welsh language.

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Meaning :: tarddu
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