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cath, gib, grimalkin
cath, fflamadwy

Cat    :cath


Cat - cath

Cation :: cation

Cations :: cationau

Catlike :: catlike

Cats :: cathod


Related Words


1. feline :: feline

2. guy :: guy

3. cat-o'-nine-tails :: naw cynffonnau gath-o'-

4. caterpillar :: lindysyn

5. khat :: khat

6. big cat :: cath fawr

7. computed axial tomography ::


8. be sick :: bod yn sal

Different forms

cat, cation, cations, catlike, cats

English to Welsh Dictionary: cat
Meaning and definitions of cat, translation in Welsh language for cat with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of cat in Welsh and in English language.

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What cat means in Welsh, cat meaning in Welsh, cat definition, examples and pronunciation of cat in Welsh language.

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