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dal, restio, stopio yn, cymryd, cyffwrdd, dal ymlaen, cael o, dod ymlaen i, deall, gael, entrap, waylay, atafaelu, gafael lleyg, arestio
dal, daliad, cadw, dwyn, gwisgo, arestio, rhwymo, pryder, clincher, bar, bollt, pin, peg
dal, denu, gronni, atal, osgoi, clasp, wau

Catch    :dal


Catch - dal

Catcher :: daliwr

Catchers :: dalwyr

Catches :: dalfeydd

Catching :: dal

Catchings :: catchings

Catchy :: bachog


Related Words

1. catch up :: dal i fyny


1. haul :: haul

2. latch :: glicied

3. snag :: snag

4. gimmick :: gimig

5. stop :: rhoi'r gorau i

6. pinch :: pinsied

7. snap :: snap

8. match :: gêm


9. seize :: atafaelu

10. capture :: dal

11. become trapped :: yn dod yn gaeth

12. be in time for :: fod mewn pryd ar gyfer

13. discover :: darganfod

14. engage :: ymgysylltu

15. perceive :: canfod

16. hear :: clywed

17. evoke :: ennyn

18. hit :: taro

19. become infected with :: gael eu heintio â

20. ignite :: tanio

21. get :: gael

22. take in :: cymryd mewn

23. trip up ::

24. hitch :: bachiad

25. take hold of :: cymryd gafael ar

26. pick up ::

27. catch up with :: ddal i fyny gyda

28. view :: golygfa


1. miss :: miss

Different forms

catch, catcher, catchers, catches, catching, catchings, catchy

English to Welsh Dictionary: catch
Meaning and definitions of catch, translation in Welsh language for catch with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of catch in Welsh and in English language.

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What catch means in Welsh, catch meaning in Welsh, catch definition, examples and pronunciation of catch in Welsh language.

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