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gwarth, dispraise, syrthio, cywilydd, sarhad, ddirmyg, amarch, ignominy, pla, drain, asgwrn cefn, ysgallen, rhwystr, anfri, sgandal, infamy
gwarth, amarch, anfri, odium, ddirmyg
gwarth, difwyno, chwarae i lawr

Disgrace    :gwarth


Disgrace - gwarth

Disgraced :: disgraced

Disgraceful :: warthus

Disgraces :: gwarthus

Disgracing :: disgracing


Related Words

1. public disgrace :: warth cyhoeddus


1. dishonor :: amarch

2. scandal :: sgandal

3. ignominy :: ignominy


4. bring shame on :: yn dod â gwarth ar

5. discredit :: anfri

6. shame :: cywilydd

7. take down ::


1. aggrandize :: aggrandize

2. canonize :: canonize

3. deify :: ddwyfoli'r

4. elevate :: dyrchafu

5. exalt :: exalt

Different forms

disgrace, disgraced, disgraceful, disgraces, disgracing

English to Welsh Dictionary: disgrace
Meaning and definitions of disgrace, translation in Welsh language for disgrace with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of disgrace in Welsh and in English language.

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What disgrace means in Welsh, disgrace meaning in Welsh, disgrace definition, examples and pronunciation of disgrace in Welsh language.

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