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English to Welsh Meaning
erlid, chicane, twyllo, illude, Sting

Dupe    :twyllo


Dupe - twyllo

Duped :: twyllo

Dupes :: dupes

Duping :: duping



1. victim :: dioddefwr

2. gull :: gwylan

3. pawn :: gwystlo

4. puppet :: pyped

5. instrument :: offeryn

6. fool :: twyllo

7. innocent :: diniwed

8. sucker :: sugnwr

9. chump :: pen bras

10. stooge :: stooge

11. sitting duck :: eistedd hwyaden

12. fall guy :: disgyn guy

13. pigeon :: colomennod

14. patsy :: Patsy

15. sap :: sudd


16. deceive :: twyllo

17. trick :: tric

18. hoodwink :: twyllo

19. hoax :: ffug

20. swindle :: swindle

21. defraud :: twyllo

22. cheat :: twyllo

23. double-cross :: dwbl-groes

24. gull :: gwylan

25. mislead :: camarwain

26. take in :: cymryd mewn

27. fool :: twyllo

28. inveigle :: hudo yno

29. con :: con

30. do :: gwneud

31. rip off ::

32. diddle :: diddle

33. shaft :: siafft

34. bilk :: bilk

35. rook :: ydfran

36. pull the wool over someone's eyes ::

37. pull a fast one on :: dynnu un cyflym ar

38. sucker :: sugnwr

39. snooker :: snwcer

Different forms

dupe, duped, dupes, duping

English to Welsh Dictionary: dupe
Meaning and definitions of dupe, translation in Welsh language for dupe with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dupe in Welsh and in English language.

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What dupe means in Welsh, dupe meaning in Welsh, dupe definition, examples and pronunciation of dupe in Welsh language.

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