English to Welsh Meaning :: hasty

English to Welsh Meaning
cyflym, brysiog, hwylus, brys, sydyn, headlong, meddwol, rhyfygus, difeddwl, annoeth

hasty    :brysiog


Hastily :: frys


Related Words

1. too hasty :: rhy fyrbwyll


1. quick :: cyflym

2. rash :: brech

3. headlong :: headlong

4. precipitous :: serth


1. deliberate :: bwriadol

Different forms

hastily, hasty

English to Welsh Dictionary: hasty
Meaning and definitions of hasty, translation in Welsh language for hasty with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of hasty in Welsh and in English language.

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What hasty means in Welsh, hasty meaning in Welsh, hasty definition, examples and pronunciation of hasty in Welsh language.

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