English to Welsh Meaning :: joust

English to Welsh Meaning
duel, ymryson, brwydro yn erbyn, twrnamaint, berthynas o anrhydedd
cystadlu gyda, ymladd gyda, efelychu, ymgodymu â, amddiffyn, ymryson, cystadlu, vie, ymgodymu, cystadleuaeth

joust    :ymryson


Jousted :: jousted

Jouster :: jouster

Jousters :: jousters

Jousting :: ymryson

Jousts :: jousts



1. tournament :: twrnamaint

2. tourney :: Twrnamaint

3. combat :: brwydro yn erbyn

4. contest :: cystadleuaeth

5. fight :: frwydr

6. battle :: frwydr

7. clash :: gwrthdaro

8. tilt :: tilt


9. tourney :: Twrnamaint

10. fight :: frwydr

11. spar :: spar

12. clash :: gwrthdaro

13. tilt :: tilt

Different forms

joust, jousted, jouster, jousters, jousting, jousts

English to Welsh Dictionary: joust
Meaning and definitions of joust, translation in Welsh language for joust with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of joust in Welsh and in English language.

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What joust means in Welsh, joust meaning in Welsh, joust definition, examples and pronunciation of joust in Welsh language.

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