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lament, galarnad, cwyno, alaru, gwyn, cystudd, plaint, wylo, wail, sob, udo, uda, gwae, yowl
tristwch, trafferth, diflastod, gwae, lament, difaru, edifeirwch, llyngyr o gydwybod
crio, wylo, lament, fraster, cwyno, galaru, croon, alaru, yammer, uda, yowl, fod yn flin, yn gresynu, edifarhau, difaru, yn galaru

Lament    :lament


Lament - lament

Lamentable :: druenus

Lamentation :: galarnad

Lamentations :: galarnadau

Lamented :: lamented

Lamenting :: galaru

Laments :: laments


Related Words

1. lament :: lament


1. wail :: wail

2. dirge :: galargân

3. lamentation :: galarnad

4. elegy :: farwnad


5. mourn :: galaru

6. bemoan :: cwyno

7. keen :: brwd

8. deplore :: yn gresynu


1. delight :: hyfrydwch

2. joy :: llawenydd

Different forms

lament, lamentable, lamentation, lamentations, lamented, lamenting, laments

English to Welsh Dictionary: lament
Meaning and definitions of lament, translation in Welsh language for lament with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of lament in Welsh and in English language.

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What lament means in Welsh, lament meaning in Welsh, lament definition, examples and pronunciation of lament in Welsh language.

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