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gweithgynhyrchu, weithgynhyrchu, ngweithgynhyrchugweithgynhyrchent, gweithgynhyrcha’, gweithgynhyrchaf, gweithgynhyrchai, gweithgynhyrchais, gweithgynhyrchaist, gweithgynhyrchan, gweithgynhyrchant, gweithgynhyrchasai, gweithgynhyrchasant, gweithgynhyrchasech, gweithgynhyrcho, gweithgynhyrchasent, gweithgynhyrchasid, gweithgynhyrchasit, gweithgynhyrchasoch, gweithgynhyrchasom, gweithgynhyrchaswn, gweithgynhyrchech, gweithgynhyrched, gweithgynhyrchem, gweithgynhyrchen, gweithgynhyrchoch, gweithgynhyrcher, gweithgynhyrches, gweithgynhyrchest, gweithgynhyrchet, gweithgynhyrchi, gweithgynhyrchid, gweithgynhyrchiff, gweithgynhyrchir, gweithgynhyrchith, gweithgynhyrcha, gweithgynhyrchasem, gweithgynhyrchodd, gweithgynhyrchom, gweithgynhyrchon, gweithgynhyrchont, gweithgynhyrchwch, gweithgynhyrchwn, gweithgynhyrchwyd, gweithgynhyrchwyf, gweithgynhyrchych, weithgynhyrchent, weithgynhyrcha’, weithgynhyrchaf, weithgynhyrchai, weithgynhyrchais, weithgynhyrchaist, weithgynhyrchan, weithgynhyrchant, weithgynhyrchasai, weithgynhyrchasant, weithgynhyrchasech, weithgynhyrcho, weithgynhyrchasent, weithgynhyrchasid, weithgynhyrchasit, weithgynhyrchasoch, weithgynhyrchasom, weithgynhyrchaswn, weithgynhyrchech, weithgynhyrched, weithgynhyrchem, weithgynhyrchen, weithgynhyrchoch, weithgynhyrcher, weithgynhyrches, weithgynhyrchest, weithgynhyrchet, weithgynhyrchi, weithgynhyrchid, weithgynhyrchiff, weithgynhyrchir, weithgynhyrchith, weithgynhyrcha, weithgynhyrchasem, weithgynhyrchodd, weithgynhyrchom, weithgynhyrchon, weithgynhyrchont, weithgynhyrchwch, weithgynhyrchwn, weithgynhyrchwyd, weithgynhyrchwyf, weithgynhyrchych
Manufacture :
- gweithgynhyrchua weithgynhyrchircynhyrchugweithgynhyrchu

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Noun(1) the organized action of making of goods and services for sale(2) the act of making something (a product
Verb(1) put together out of artificial or natural components or parts(2) concoct something artificial or untrue(3) produce naturally(4) create or produce in a mechanical way

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(1) Engineering, shipbuilding, petroleum-refining, and furniture manufacture are important industries.(2) They probably can't legislate manufacture , nor anything beyond the first sale after interstate or overseas goods movement.(3) the manufacture of armored vehicles(4) It doesn't hurt that trees manufacture oxygen, prevent soil erosion and reduce the heat.(5) The Economist recently ran an excellent survey of the car industry, including an article related to the product development process in automobile manufacture .(6) Much of that is down to a far-reaching strategic shift away from assembly and basic manufacture to an emphasis on support services.(7) He then had to manufacture a fake loan to cover the loan he had agreed.(8) He examines the style, quality and process of manufacture .(9) At the other end of the process of manufacture , there were merchants who organized the ginning and bowing of the raw cotton and sold the rovings to the spinners.(10) He poses the question: can the process of design carry through into the process of manufacture ?(11) Food manufacture and horticulture also contribute to high volumes of industrial waste.(12) The manufacture of the sphere needed sophisticated high technology forming and welding, technology not available in New Zealand.(13) Sodium is an essential nutrient that the body cannot manufacture itself.(14) But Ford is understood to be looking closely at overseas manufacture in order to reduce showroom prices and its exposure to unfavourable exchange rates.(15) Just ask the Republican members of the US Congress how they feel about foreign manufacture of US developed high technology.(16) The new Escherichia coli can manufacture the extra amino acid, p-aminophenylalanine, then incorporate it into proteins.
Related Words
(1) year of manufacture ::
blwyddyn gwneuthuriad
1. production ::
3. industry ::
4. make ::
6. fabricate ::
Different Forms
manufacture, manufactured, manufactures, manufacturing
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