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gnoi cil, ruminate, adlewyrchu, meddwl

Ruminate    :ruminate


Ruminate - ruminate

Ruminated :: ruminated

Ruminates :: ruminates

Ruminating :: cnoi cil


Related Words


1. think about :: meddyliwch am

2. contemplate :: ystyried

3. consider :: ystyried

4. meditate on :: myfyrio ar

5. muse on :: awen ar

6. mull over :: Mull dros

7. ponder on/over ::

8. deliberate about/on ::

9. chew on :: cnoi ar

10. puzzle over :: pos drosodd

11. cogitate about :: cogitate am

Different forms

ruminate, ruminated, ruminates, ruminating

English to Welsh Dictionary: ruminate
Meaning and definitions of ruminate, translation in Welsh language for ruminate with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ruminate in Welsh and in English language.

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What ruminate means in Welsh, ruminate meaning in Welsh, ruminate definition, examples and pronunciation of ruminate in Welsh language.

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