English to Welsh Meaning :: save

Save :
arbed, achub, cadw, cynilo, gwared, gwaredu, nghadw, nghynilo, ngwaredu, hiacháu, iacháu, nholio, safio, tolio, wareduarbed, achub, gadw, cadw, gynilo, achubasant, arbedaist, achubasai, achubant, achuban, achubaist, achubais, achubai, achubaf, achuba’, achuba, achubasent, achuben, achubasech, achubasem, arbedan, achubasid, achubasit, achubasoch, achubasom, achubaswn, achubech, achubed, achubem, cynilwch, achubom, arbedid, achubont, achubest, achubet, achubi, achubid, achubiff, achubir, achubith, achubo, achuboch, achubodd, arbedais, achubon, achubes, achubwch, achubwn, achubwyd, achubwyf, achubych, arbeda, arbeda’, arbedaf, arbedai, arbedaswn, cadwasem, arbedech, arbedant, arbedasai, arbedasant, arbedasech, arbedasem, arbedasent, arbedasid, arbedasit, arbedasoch, arbedasom, cadwasech, chadwed, arbeded, arbedem, arbeden, arbedent, arbeder, arbedes, arbedest, arbedet, arbedi, cynilaf, arbedwyf, achuber, cadwa, arbedith, arbedo, arbedoch, arbedodd, arbedom, arbedon, arbedont, arbedwch, arbedwn, arbedwyd, achubent, arbedych, arbedir, cadwa’, cadwaf, cadwai, cadwais, cadwaist, cadwan, cadwant, cadwasai, cadwasant, cadwer, cadwes, cadwasid, cadwasit, cadwasoch, cadwasom, cadwaswn, cadwch, cadwech, cadwed, cadwem, cadwen, cadwent, cynilasid, cynilasit, cadwest, cadwet, cadwi, cadwiff, cadwith, cadwn, cadwo, cadwoch, cadwodd, cadwom, cynila’, dolia’, cadwyd, cadwyf, cedwais, cedwaist, cedwch, cedwi, cedwid, cedwir, cedwych, ceidw, cynila, cadwon, cadwont, cynilai, cynilais, cynilaist, cynilan, cynilant, cynilasai, cynilasant, cynilasech, cynilasem, cynilasent, cynilest, chadwech, cynili, cynilasoch, cynilasom, cynilaswn, cynilech, cyniled, cynilem, cynilen, cynilent, cyniler, cyniles, chadwch, cynilet, cadwasent, cynilid, cyniliff, cynilir, cynilith, cynilo, cyniloch, cynilodd, cynilom, cynilon, chadwan, chadwasai, cynilwyd, cynilwyf, cynilych, chadw, chadwa, chadwa’, chadwaf, chadwai, chadwais, chadwaist, cynilont, chadwant, cynilwn, chadwasant, chadwasech, chadwasem, chadwasent, chadwasid, chadwasit, chadwasoch, chadwasom, chadwaswn, chadwo, chadwoch, chadwem, chadwen, chadwent, chadwer, chadwes, chadwest, chadwet, chadwi, chadwiff, chadwith, chadwn, chynilen, chynilent, chadwodd, chadwom, chadwon, chadwont, chadwyd, chadwyf, chedwais, chedwaist, chedwch, chedwi, chynilasant, chynilasech, chedwych, cheidw, chynila, chynila’, chynilaf, chynilai, chynilais, chynilaist, chynilan, chynilant, chynilasai, chedwid, chedwir, chynilasem, chynilasent, chynilasid, chynilasit, chynilasoch, chynilasom, chynilaswn, chynilech, chyniled, chynilem, chyniloch, doliest, chynilodd, chyniler, chyniles, chynilest, chynilet, chynili, chynilid, chyniliff, chynilir, chynilith, chynilo, dolies, gwaredon, chynilom, chynilon, chynilont, chynilwch, chynilwn, chynilwyd, chynilwyf, chynilych, doli, dolia, doliasid, doliasoch, doliai, doliais, doliaist, dolian, doliant, doliasai, doliasant, doliasech, doliasem, doliasent, gwaredasant, doliasit, doliaf, doliasom, doliaswn, dolid, doliech, dolied, doliem, dolien, dolient, dolier, doliwyd, doliwyf, doliff, dolio, dolioch, doliodd, doliom, dolion, doliont, dolir, dolith, doliwch, doliwn, gadwodd, gadwom, doliych, gadwa, gadwa’, gadwaf, gadwai, gadwais, gadwaist, gadwan, gadwant, gadwasai, gadwen, gadwent, gadwasem, gadwasent, gadwasid, gadwasit, gadwasoch, gadwasom, gadwaswn, gadwch, gadwech, gadwed, gadwem, gadwasant, gadwasech, gadwer, gadwes, gadwest, gadwet, gadwi, gadwiff, gadwith, gadwn, gadwo, gadwoch, gedwych, gwaredom, geidw, gadwon, gadwont, gadwyd, gadwyf, gedwais, gedwaist, gedwch, gedwi, gedwid, gedwir, gwaredoch, doliet, gwared, gwareda, gwareda’, gwaredaf, gwaredai, gwaredais, gwaredaist, gwaredan, gwaredant, gwaredasai, gwareden, gwareder, gwaredasem, gwaredasent, gwaredasid, gwaredasit, gwaredasoch, gwaredasom, gwaredaswn, gwaredech, gwareded, gwaredem, arbediff, gwaredent, gwaredasech, gwaredes, gwaredest, gwaredet, gwaredi, gwaredid, gwarediff, gwaredir, gwaredith, gwaredo, gynilych, gynilais, gwaredont, gwaredwch, gwaredwn, gwaredwyd, gwaredwyf, gwaredych, gweryd, gynila, gynila’, gynilaf, gynilai, gynilwyf, gynilaist, gynilan, gynilant, gynilasai, gynilasant, gynilasech, gynilasem, gynilasent, gynilasid, gynilasit, gynilasoch, gynilid, gyniliff, gynilaswn, gynilech, gyniled, gynilem, gynilen, gynilent, gyniler, gyniles, gynilest, gynilet, gynili, hachubom, gynilasom, gynilir, gynilith, gyniloch, gynilodd, gynilom, gynilon, gynilont, gynilwch, gynilwn, gynilwyd, hachubasem, hachub, hachuba, hachuba’, hachubaf, hachubai, hachubais, hachubaist, hachuban, hachubant, hachubasai, hachubasant, harbedai, hachubasech, hachubasent, hachubasid, hachubasit, hachubasoch, hachubasom, hachubaswn, hachubech, hachubed, hachubem, hachuben, tholier, hachubent, hachuber, hachubes, hachubest, hachubet, hachubi, hachubid, hachubiff, hachubir, hachubith, hachubo, hachuboch, hachubodd, hiacheaist, hachubon, hachubont, hachubwch, hachubwn, hachubwyd, hachubwyf, hachubych, harbed, harbeda, iachaom, harbedaf, harbedid, harbedais, harbedaist, harbedan, harbedant, harbedasai, harbedasant, harbedasech, harbedasem, harbedasent, harbedasid, harbedasit, harbedasoch, harbedasom, harbedaswn, harbedech, harbeded, harbedem, harbeden, harbedent, harbeder, harbedes, harbedest, harbedet, hiachaiff, harbedwyd, harbedom, harbedwn, harbedwch, harbedont, harbedon, harbediff, harbedodd, harbedoch, harbedo, harbedith, harbedir, harbedi, iachaen, harbedwyf, harbedych, hiachâ, hiachaech, hiachaed, hiachaem, hiachaen, hiachaent, hiachaer, hiachaet, hiachâf, hiachasech, hiachasem, harbeda’, hiachaith, hiachân, hiachânt, hiachao, hiachaoch, hiachaodd, hiachaom, hiachaont, hiachasai, hiachasant, iachaoch, hiachâi, hiachasent, hiachasid, hiachasit, hiachasoch, hiachasom, hiachaswn, hiachawn, hiachawyd, hiachawyf, hiacheais, iachaem, hiacheid, hiacheies, hiacheiest, hiacheir, hiacheuoch, hiacheuon, hiachewch, hiacheych, iachâ, iachaech, iachaed, tholiasent, hiachei, iachaent, iachaer, iachaet, iachâf, iachâi, iachaiff, iachaith, iachân, iachânt, iachao, safien, gwaredodd, iachaont, iachasai, iachasant, iachasech, iachasem, iachasent, iachasid, iachasit, iachasoch, iachasom, iachaswn, iachawn, iachawyd, iachawyf, iacheais, iacheaist, iachei, iacheid, iacheies, iacheiest, iacheir, iacheuoch, iacheuon, iachewch, iacheych, safi, safia, safia’, safiaf, safiai, safiais, safiaist, safian, safiant, safiasai, safiasant, toliaswn, safiasem, safiasent, safiasid, safiasit, safiasoch, safiasom, safiaswn, safid, safiech, safied, safiem, safiont, safir, safient, safier, safies, safiest, safiet, safiff, safio, safioch, safiodd, safiom, safion, toliff, iachaodd, safith, safiwch, safiwn, safiwyd, safiwyf, safiych, toli, tolia, tolia’, toliaf, toliasom, toliaist, tolian, toliant, toliasai, toliasant, toliasech, toliasem, toliasent, toliasid, toliasit, toliasoch, safiasech, toliais, tolid, toliech, tolied, toliem, tolien, tolient, tolier, tolies, toliest, toliet, tholia, toliodd, toliom, tolion, toliont, tolir, tolith, toliwch, toliwn, toliwyd, toliwyf, toliych, tholith, tolioch, tholia’, tholiaf, tholiai, tholiais, tholiaist, tholian, tholiant, tholiasai, tholiasant, tholiasech, waredo, tholies, tholiasid, tholiasit, tholiasoch, tholiasom, tholiaswn, tholid, tholiech, tholied, tholiem, tholien, tholient, tholiasem, waredem, tholiest, tholiet, tholiff, tholio, tholioch, tholiodd, tholiom, tholion, tholiont, tholir, tholi, tolio, tholiwch, tholiwn, tholiwyd, tholiwyf, tholiych, wareda, wareda’, waredaf, waredai, waredais, waredaist, waredan, waredant, waredasai, waredasant, waredasech, waredasem, waredasent, waredasid, waredasit, waredasoch, waredasom, waredaswn, waredech, wareded, wareden, waredent, wareder, waredes, waredest, waredet, waredi, waredid, warediff, waredir, waredith, toliai, waredoch, waredodd, waredom, waredon, waredont, waredwch, waredwn, waredwyd, waredwyf, waredych, werydarbediad, arbediadau, harbediad, harbediadau - arbedarbedachubyn arbed
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Show English Meaning

Noun(1) (sports
Verb(1) save from ruin, destruction, or harm(2) to keep up and reserve for personal or special use(3) bring into safety(4) spend less; buy at a reduced price(5) accumulate money for future use(6) make unnecessary an expenditure or effort(7) save from sins(8) refrain from harming(9) spend sparingly, avoid the waste of(10) retain rights to(11) record data on a computer

Show Examples

(1) you can save up for retirement in a number of ways(2) save your strength till later(3) It'd be cool to be able to save up for something nice, like a nice ride - something I could be proud of.(4) save $20 on a new camcorder(5) the statement was made to save the government some embarrassment(6) I get my food delivered from supermarkets to save time.(7) The war story arc takes a slight breather as they work to save the dying man.(8) A spokesperson said that the policy would have little adverse financial effect, as it would save money otherwise spent on recruiting new staff.(9) It will not save my daughters life but it will save her soul.(10) You'll save money and avoid those spontaneous purchases at the mall.(11) My daughter has started her first part-time job, working in a grocery store, so she can save enough money to buy a car.(12) to save sb from death(13) they were all there save Paul(14) Many women believe that it is their duty to accept, tolerate and excuse conditions and experiences that place them in danger so they can save a relationship.(15) To save a dying person is his life's work, his obsession.(16) to save up your pocket money
Related Words
(1) to save ::
i achub
(2) save money ::
arbed arian
(3) save as ::
cadw fel
(4) save up ::
arbed hyd
(5) save time ::
arbed amser
(6) save the day ::
achub y dydd
(7) to save time ::
i arbed amser
(8) save face ::
arbed wyneb
(9) save life ::
achub bywyd
(10) save for ::
ar wahân i
1. except ::
ac eithrio
2. rescue ::
3. preserve ::
4. put aside ::
rhoi i'r ochr
5. prevent ::
6. keep open ::
cadw ar agor
8. write ::
9. carry through ::
10. relieve ::
11. redeem ::
wneud iawn
12. save up ::
arbed hyd
13. spare ::
1. adventure ::
2. compromise ::
3. endanger ::
4. hazard ::
5. imperil ::
6. jeopardize ::
7. peril ::
8. risk ::
9. venture ::
Different Forms
save, saved, saves
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Not to kill people. Or to save lives.\0

Not to kill people. Or to SAVE lives.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 5

HALE: You are going
to save the world, for us.

HALE: You are going to SAVE the world, for us.

Westworld Season 3, Episode 8

Look for the police to save his own skin.\

Look for the police to SAVE his own skin."

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 8


"Seven SAVE you, friends."

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7

you\'d save yourself
a potential felony two-spot

you'd SAVE yourself a potential felony two-spot

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 2

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