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ail, hail, eilfedeiliad, eilfed, eilfedau, eiliadau, heilfed, heilfedau, heiliad, heiliadaucefnogi, eilio, nghefnogi, secondiocefnogant, cefnogasoch, cefnogasit, cefnogasid, cefnogasent, cefnogasem, cefnogasech, cefnogasant, cefnogasai, chefnogen, cefnogan, cefnogaist, cefnogais, cefnogai, cefnogaf, cefnoga’, cefnogasom, chefnogem, cefnogaswn, cefnogech, cefnoged, cefnogem, cefnogen, cefnogent, cefnoger, cefnoges, cefnogest, cefnoget, cefnogi, cefnogid, cefnogiff, cefnogir, cefnogith, chefnogais, chefnogaist, cefnogoch, cefnogodd, cefnogom, cefnogon, cefnogont, cefnogwch, cefnogwn, cefnogwyd, cefnogwyf, cefnogych, chefnoga, chefnoga’, chefnogaf, chefnogai, eilies, cefnogo, chefnogan, chefnogant, chefnogasai, chefnogasant, chefnogasech, chefnogasem, chefnogasent, chefnogasid, chefnogasit, chefnogasoch, chefnogasom, chefnogaswn, chefnogech, chefnoged, cefnoga, chefnogent, chefnoger, chefnoges, chefnogest, chefnoget, chefnogi, chefnogid, chefnogiff, chefnogir, chefnogith, chefnogo, chefnogoch, chefnogodd, chefnogom, chefnogon, chefnogont, chefnogwch, chefnogwn, chefnogwyd, chefnogwyf, chefnogych, eili, eilia, eilia’, eiliaf, eiliai, eiliais, eiliaist, eilian, eiliant, eiliasai, eiliasant, eiliasech, eiliasem, eiliasent, eiliasid, eiliasit, eiliasoch, eiliasom, eiliaswn, eilid, eiliech, eilied, eiliem, eilien, eilient, eilier, secondiasant, eiliest, eiliet, eiliff, eilio, eilioch, eiliodd, eiliom, eilion, eiliont, eilir, eilith, eiliwch, eiliwn, eiliwyd, eiliwyf, gefnogasit, gefnogasoch, gefnoga, gefnoga’, gefnogaf, gefnogai, gefnogais, gefnogaist, gefnogan, gefnogant, gefnogasai, gefnogasant, gefnogasech, gefnogasem, gefnogasent, gefnogasid, heiliech, heilied, gefnogasom, gefnogaswn, gefnogech, gefnoged, gefnogem, gefnogen, gefnogent, gefnoger, gefnoges, gefnogest, gefnoget, gefnogi, gefnogid, gefnogiff, gefnogo, heiliai, heiliaf, heilia’, heilia, heili, gefnogych, gefnogwyf, gefnogwyd, heiliais, gefnogwch, gefnogont, gefnogon, gefnogom, gefnogodd, gefnogoch, gefnogir, gefnogith, heiliaist, heilian, heiliant, heiliasai, heiliasant, heiliasech, heiliasem, heiliasent, heiliasid, heiliasit, heiliasoch, heiliasom, heiliaswn, heilid, heilith, heiliwch, heiliem, heilien, heilient, heilier, heilies, heiliest, heiliet, heiliff, heilio, heilioch, heiliodd, heiliom, heiliont, heilir, secondiych, eiliych, heiliwn, heiliwyd, heiliwyf, heiliych, secondi, secondia, secondia’, secondiaf, secondiai, secondiais, secondiaist, secondian, secondiant, secondiasai, secondies, secondiest, secondiasem, secondiasent, secondiasid, secondiasit, secondiasoch, secondiasom, secondiaswn, secondid, secondiech, secondied, secondiem, secondien, secondient, secondier, gefnogwn, secondiasech, secondiet, secondiff, secondio, secondioch, secondiodd, secondiom, secondion, secondiont, secondir, secondith, secondiwch, secondiwn, secondiwyd, secondiwyf
Second :
yn ail
- yn ailsecondioeilyddsecondioyn ail

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Noun(1) 1/60 of a minute; the basic unit of time adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites(2) an indefinitely short time(3) the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed near the second of the bases in the infield(4) a particular point in time(5) following the first in an ordering or series(6) a 60th part of a minute of arc(7) the official attendant of a contestant in a duel or boxing match(8) a speech seconding a motion(9) the gear that has the second lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle(10) merchandise that has imperfections; usually sold at a reduced price without the brand name
Verb(1) give support or one's approval to(2) transfer an employee to a different, temporary assignment
Adjective(1) coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude(2) a part or voice or instrument or orchestra section lower in pitch than or subordinate to the first
Adverb(1) in the second place

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(1) After winning the qualifying heats she finished a close second in the final.(2) At 48, Anita Sarawak ( second from left) is the grand dame of this quartet.(3) after the second programme(4) Halfway into the second quarter the Titans were in the lead 14 to 0.(5) For many decades Colombia was the world's second leading producer of coffee behind Brazil.(6) The second major concern is the message that this sends to the international community.(7) Everyone bought what was put in the basket without even a second 's hesitation.(8) she spoke second(9) January the second(10) The two second in commands, watched with hidden fear and amusement at the scene.(11) Finbar's family ordered a second post-mortem on his body when it arrived in Dublin on Monday.(12) Part of his prize money is already earmarked for a second birthday present later this week.(13) Speeding ranks a distant second at 19.7 percent.(14) Moreover, it soared to nearly 7 % in the second quarter this year.(15) They are second from left and far right in the photo below.(16) parental choice comes a poor second to school policy
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ail ddogn
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hyn o bryd
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ail sylfaen
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ail gêr
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16. formally support ::
cefnogi yn ffurfiol
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aseinio dros dro
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yn ôl
Different Forms
second, seconded, seconder, seconders, seconding, secondly, secondment, secondments, seconds
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