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siâp, ffurflen, ardor, fervidity, gwneud, ffigur, cydffurfiad, ymddangosiad, Creu, strwythur, ffurfiant, cyfansoddiad, adeiladu, llwydni
siâp, ymffurfio, ffurflen, adeiladu, cynnwys, golygu, creu, Creu, llwydni, cynhyrchu, codi, deor, cyfansoddi, tynnu, ysgrifennu

Shape    :siâp


Shape - siâp

Shaped :: siâp

Shapeless :: afluniaidd o gerrig

Shapes :: siapiau

Shaping :: siapio


Related Words

1. in shape :: mewn siap


1. form :: ffurflen

2. guise :: wedd

3. condition :: cyflwr

4. embodiment :: ymgorfforiad

5. pattern :: patrwm

6. flesh :: cnawd


7. form :: ffurflen

8. determine :: penderfynu

9. forge :: efail

10. mold :: llwydni

Different forms

shape, shaped, shapeless, shapes, shaping

English to Welsh Dictionary: shape
Meaning and definitions of shape, translation in Welsh language for shape with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of shape in Welsh and in English language.

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What shape means in Welsh, shape meaning in Welsh, shape definition, examples and pronunciation of shape in Welsh language.

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