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difetha, loot, dal, plunderage, dymchwel, dinistrio, lladd, ysbeilio, pillage, Gwobr
difetha, ysglyfaeth, porthiant, ysbeilio, myg, cynhyrfu, gwastraff, cancr, gwario, Dileu, amharu, hudo, debauch, adfail, exterminate
difetha, rapine, ysbeiliad, tlws, arian rhodd, wahanlen

Spoil    :difetha


Spoil - difetha

Spoilage :: dirywiad

Spoiled :: difetha

Spoiler :: spoiler

Spoilers :: anrheithwyr

Spoiling :: difetha

Spoils :: difetha


Related Words

1. to spoil :: i ddifetha


1. spoiling ::

2. despoliation :: despoliation


3. mar :: mar

4. ruin :: adfail

5. overindulge :: overindulge

6. go bad :: mynd yn ddrwg

7. cross :: croesi

8. featherbed :: Featherbed

9. despoil :: ysbeilio

10. corrupt :: llygredig

11. itch :: cosi

12. impair :: amharu

13. muff :: muff

Different forms

spoil, spoilage, spoiled, spoiler, spoilers, spoiling, spoils

English to Welsh Dictionary: spoil
Meaning and definitions of spoil, translation in Welsh language for spoil with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of spoil in Welsh and in English language.

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What spoil means in Welsh, spoil meaning in Welsh, spoil definition, examples and pronunciation of spoil in Welsh language.

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