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Showing meaning for uneasy instead of uneasiness

English to Welsh Meaning
anesmwyth, anghyfforddus, Unquiet, aflonydd, llidiog, ansad, ansefydlog, gwyllt, restive, ceaseless, poeni, cythryblus, brysur, choppy
anghyfforddus, anesmwyth, digalon

uneasy    :anesmwyth



Related Words

1. feel uneasy :: teimlo'n anesmwyth


1. worried :: poeni

2. worrying ::

3. tense :: amser

4. restless :: aflonydd

5. anxious :: bryderus

6. awkward :: lletchwith


1. calm :: dawel

2. collected :: casglu

3. easy :: hawdd

4. relaxed :: hamddenol

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English to Welsh Dictionary: uneasy
Meaning and definitions of uneasy, translation in Welsh language for uneasy with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of uneasy in Welsh and in English language.

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What uneasy means in Welsh, uneasy meaning in Welsh, uneasy definition, examples and pronunciation of uneasy in Welsh language.

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