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biso, mhisio, mhiso, pisio, piso, phisobisiant, bisiodd, bisiasit, bisiasid, bisiasent, bisiasem, bisiasech, bisiasant, bisiasai, bisiasom, bisian, bisiaist, bisiais, bisiai, bisiaf, bisia’, bisia, pisiais, bisiaswn, bisid, bisiech, bisied, bisiem, bisien, bisient, bisier, bisies, bisiest, bisiet, bisiff, bisio, bisioch, bisiasoch, bisi, bisiom, bision, bisiont, bisir, bisith, bisiwch, bisiwn, bisiwyd, bisiwyf, bisiych, pisi, pisia, pisia’, pisiaf, pisiai, phisiasem, pisiaist, pisian, pisiant, pisiasai, pisiasant, pisiasech, pisiasem, pisiasent, pisiasid, pisiasit, pisiasoch, pisiasom, pisiaswn, pisid, pisiech, phisiasant, pisien, pisient, pisier, pisies, pisiest, pisiet, pisiff, pisio, pisioch, pisiodd, pisiom, pision, pisiont, pisir, phisiasech, pisiem, phisiasai, phisiant, phisian, phisiaist, phisiais, phisiai, pisith, phisia’, phisia, phisi, pisiych, pisiwyf, pisiwyd, pisiwn, pisiwch, phisiet, phisiasent, phisiasid, phisiasit, phisiasoch, phisiasom, phisiaswn, phisid, phisiech, phisied, phisiem, phisien, phisient, phisier, phisies, pisied, phisiaf, phisiff, phisio, phisioch, phisiodd, phisiom, phision, phisiont, phisir, phisith, phisiwch, phisiwn, phisiwyd, phisiwyf, phisiych, phisiest
Urinate :
- troethiurinatedurinatestroethi

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Verb(1) pass after the manner of urine(2) eliminate urine

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(1) If it hurts to urinate after you have used these products, you are probably sensitive to them.(2) She tired easily and was embarrassed by a frequent need to urinate , caused by diuretic therapy.(3) This type of incontinence occurs when you get a sudden urge to urinate and just can't hold it.(4) You may also have frequent urges to urinate and wake up at night to urinate .(5) You may need to urinate more often as your baby grows, because the baby will put pressure on your bladder.(6) It is characterised by needing to urinate often and passing a large quantity of urine, and feeling extremely thirsty.(7) Too much calcium in your kidneys might make you thirsty or increase your need to urinate .(8) The medicine colors your urine bright orange, so do not be alarmed by the color when you urinate .(9) Your child is likely to learn to urinate in the potty first, as bowel movements require a little more control.(10) During later pregnancy, many women find that they need to urinate even more frequently.(11) There is little time between feeling the need to urinate and leakage of urine.(12) Some children may object to using the school bathroom or may become so engrossed in a project that they delay urination .(13) If a child is having severe pain with urination , the doctor may also prescribe a medication that numbs the lining of the urinary tract.(14) Here are some tips for dealing with frequent urination or leaking during pregnancy.(15) Signs of dehydration include dry mouth, no tears when crying, few wet diapers or very little urination , and weakness.(16) Encourage your child to relax when she urinates so no urine is left in the bladder.
1. pass water ::
pasio dŵr
2. make water ::
gwneud dŵr
3. relieve oneself ::
lleddfu eich hun
4. pee ::
5. take a leak ::
cymryd yn gollwng
6. piddle ::
7. tinkle ::
9. piss ::
10. micturate ::
Different Forms
urinate, urinated, urinates, urinating
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