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3. Cajole (cymell) :: We then went through an intensive process of negotiation cajolery threats and mathematical calculations to put together a deal that everyone could support
4. Caldron (grochan) ::
5. Calibrate (raddnodi) :: The Toro Co unveiled the Toro Sprayer Calibration Tool a computerbased tool to help check and calibrate sprayers as well as calculate product and water mixing rates
6. Callow (Callow) :: The modern proponents of selfesteem argue that the undeveloped self however callow should be praised as it is
7. Candid (onest) :: The main picture on the front page is a candid shot of the rock band
8. Candor (gonestrwydd) :: That Howard is prepared with considerable candour to commit this part of his life to print says much for the man
9. Canonical (canonaidd) :: For example in the Gospel of the Ebionites we find that John the Baptist didnt eat honey and locusts as the canonical Gospels record but only honey
13. Capitulate (ildio) :: But as hostilities begin these nonmilitary efforts to influence combine with military force until the regime capitulates
18. Carrion (dyddyn) :: Badgers will kill carrion and have been know to take lambs but the ones they tend to go for are those on their last legs
19. Cartographer (cartograffydd) ::
20. Castigate (gystwyo) :: And just a few days ago I was castigating someone else for being a thinskinned Narcissist

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