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61. Accent (acen) :: Certainly you can move away from a religious culture in which you were brought up in much the same way that one can change ones accent or mode of dress
62. Allusion (Cyfeiriwyd) :: With its emphasis on personification and topical allusion allegory has a long association with political discourse
63. Aspirate (llaes) :: Versions of the engine will be both naturally aspirated and turbocharged and applications will include front rear and allwheeldrive as well as hybrid vehicles
64. Bracket (braced) :: I normally bracket each exposure at least one stop in both directions underexposure and overexposure
65. Catalan (Catalaneg) :: The main language spoken in Andorra la Vella is Catalan but many of its inhabitants also speak Castilian French and Portuguese
66. Comma (coma) :: May as well clump them all together in one enormous paragraph separated only by commas
67. Decline (dirywiad) :: So as you can see Ill have to respectfully decline your invitation
68. Drill (dril) :: Friction causes inflammation so you know the drill rest ice and lower your seat a notch
69. Ending (yn dod i ben) :: There are certain nerve endings that extend from the spine to the arms legs hands feet and all over the body
70. Fable (chwedl) :: By comparison Phil Alden Robinsons Field Of Dreams is a far more stirring yet gentle sporting fable a hymn to selfbelief that continues to inspire
71. Hebrew (Hebraeg) ::
72. Innuendo (ensyniadau) :: Theres not much promise in the situation and the dialogue has a few innuendos that are by the standards of the time gross
73. Latin (Lladin) ::
74. Masculine (gwrywaidd) :: The result seems very much a mix of the two genders with the emphasis on the masculine
75. Reflexive (atblygol) :: The reflexive verb sich befinden means literally find oneself
76. Semantics (semanteg) :: We all try for the same goal in the end though we call it by different names and kill each other over the semantics
77. Sentence (dedfryd) :: The relatively lenient sentence has been widely interpreted as a blow to Southeast Asian efforts to combat terrorism
78. Stumble (baglu) :: This change in balance caused her to stumble and erupt in a fit of giggles
79. Work (gwaith) :: With remarkable royal originality the Prince first inquired as to Rons line of work

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