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Burn - (llosgi) :: A second burn was due to take place at 18 17 CEST lasting only a few seconds

Cashier - (ariannwr) :: The little guy did have a crucial part in the only goal of the half but a number of the home defenders should have been cashiered for desertion for their part in it

Choke - (tagu) :: we were the only team not to choke when it came to the crunch

Dip - (dip) :: The kids meanwhile munched happily on a pizza frozen variety pasta with tomato sauce and chips with a garlic mayonnaise dip


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Harmless - (ddiniwed) :: Although there has never been a recorded death from the overuse of cannabis it is not harmless

Hat - (het) :: Straw hats vary in style indicating either where the hat was made or where the wearer is from

Hate - (casineb) :: Threats and public verbal abuse were common as was persuading friends and family to join hate campaigns

Hatred - (casineb) :: Britain must be free to act against extremists who stir up hatred and incite terrorism

Have - (cael) :: Soon he will have his right leg amputated at the knee and replaced with a prosthetic limb


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Superlative - (radd eithaf) :: Not a superlative film but a perfectly solid one and one that is going to be rolling out in limited release quite soon

Supplicant - (deisyfydd) ::

Surreptitious - (llechwraidd) :: After all if there is no chocolate dessert on hand it just might lead to surreptitious stealing of the childrens chocolate eggs


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Nephritis (neffritis) :: Single cells will be found in nephritis acute tubular necrosis kidney transplant rejection and salicylate poisoning

Indeterminable (indeterminable) :: The case is subject to the Revenue Commissioners appeal procedure and as a result the timing of any outcome is indeterminable the accounts say

Criterion (maen prawf) :: He says that in any case there is little new in broadening the criteria for selection

Cantonment (cantonment) :: The most important element in security sector reform is securing the future of Maoist soldiers residing in cantonments

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