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Tender - (tendr) :: There is a range of juicy tender steaks and chicken dishes

Pie - (pei) :: The only thing he could snatch faster than a pizza pie was the thincrusted regions of a minor

Stir - (tro) :: She did not feel even the slightest stir of love for him

Tenderize - (tenderize) :: The meat is tenderized and then marinated in a sauce made of sugar soy sauce and the secret ingredient of the day

Charlotte - (charlotte) :: I pretty much wanted everything on the catalog I mean who could resist getting minimolds for charlottes and brioches and a really efficient zester and beautiful knives and new skillets and a special zigzag knife to cut melons


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Button - (botwm) :: As a general rule you should always fasten your top button except if your suit features soft rollover lapels

Buy - (prynu) :: we had to find some money to buy a house


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Deferential - (ymostyngar) :: But now the courts seem inclined to be more deferential to the prosecutions side of this problem

Defunct - (sydd wedi darfod) :: When I do it the first five or so results are always the same defunct personal websites for which I have long forgotten the passwords

Degradation - (diraddio) :: Mass movements against the degradations of the free market have developed in every continent


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Coddle (coddle) :: Being the baby of the family he was coddled and treated like glass as if he would break

Metro (metro) :: The agent said that the nearest metro link was within a minutes walk of the development and that it takes ten minutes to travel to the city centre by metro

Superman (Superman) :: According to Nietzsche man could be saved by a new type of man the bermensch the Superman

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