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sgwrs, trafodaeth, sgwrsio, disgwrs, lleferydd, colloquy, PARLEY, si, adroddiad, sibrwd, clecs segur, bruit, ynganiad, awyrdwll
sgwrs, siarad, dweud, pibell, sôn, gofyn, prattle, ên, rhagweld, dyfalu, trafod, gab, prate, darlith, ei ddatgan

Talk    :sgwrs


Talk - sgwrs

Talkative :: siaradus

Talked :: Soniodd

Talker :: siaradwr

Talkers :: talkers

Talkies :: talkies

Talking :: siarad

Talks :: sgyrsiau

Talky :: talky


Related Words

1. talk about :: siarad am


1. chatter :: sgwrsio

2. conversation :: sgwrs

3. negotiations ::

4. lecture :: darlith

5. gossip :: clecs

6. boasting ::

7. speech :: lleferydd

8. public lecture :: darlith gyhoeddus

9. talk of the town :: sôn am y dref

10. talking ::


11. speak :: siarad

12. utter :: llwyr

13. converse :: sgwrsio

14. mention :: sôn

15. speak (in) ::

16. confess :: cyfaddef

17. gossip :: clecs

18. lecture :: darlith

19. spill :: arllwysiad

20. let the cat out of the bag ::

Different forms

talk, talkative, talked, talker, talkers, talkies, talking, talks, talky

English to Welsh Dictionary: talk
Meaning and definitions of talk, translation in Welsh language for talk with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of talk in Welsh and in English language.

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What talk means in Welsh, talk meaning in Welsh, talk definition, examples and pronunciation of talk in Welsh language.

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